Roar, who doesn’t love a good cat-eye? Perfecting that little flick has taken me some time to learn, so I am always looking for tools that will make it easier and quicker for me. Who’s got the time to sit there and draw(and re-draw and re-draw…) the cat eye flick? I sure don’t, so today I am sharing a 5-minute cat-eye tutorial using GOSH products, that’s simple and most of all very quick!

PS I’m a little sick so excuse me for using my Instagram photo as the final result. I don’t look good with flu!

cat eye flick

I used just 4 products from GOSH to get the perfect cat-eye and the good news for you is that all of the products are also up for grabs today! So you can re-create your perfect look af home and I think the cat-eye is something that is going to be very hot this coming winter.

gosh cat eye

For this look you will need- GOSH Mono shadow in Sand(013), GOSH Forever Eye Shadow Stick in Grey(05), GOSH Ultimate Eyeliner in Back In Black(01) and GOSH Growth Mascara. The cool thing is that you also don’t really need any brushes for this- you can use a simple eyeshadow brush to sweep the mono shadow on your lids, but when I am in a rush my fingers do the job just as well! So here we go- this took me just under 5 minutes to do.

1.Apply the GOSH Mono Eyeshadow in Sand all over your lids. It’s very light and the pigment is buildable, but its a great neutral shade that works as a primer for the Shadow Stick.

gosh cat eye

2.Using the Shadow Stick, do a light line on your upper lid, flicking it just a little bit towards the end.

gosh cat eye

This is usually the tricky part, and I struggle with it when using a thin liner. However this Shadow Stick is the perfect width for you to get it all done in one go! You don’t need to draw the line again- it comes out the perfect width from the first go, so there is no suffering back and forth redrawing the line on both eyes to make it look even. With regards to the flick, it’s even easier: I have almond-shaped eyes so I draw my flick short and just above where my eye closes, to make the it appear visually bigger. You need to play around to find the perfect size “flick” for you- for example drawing my flick too high up doesn’t work because it makes my eye look smaller.


3.Using the Ultimate Eyeliner draw in your water line- it makes the eye look more defined and sharp, but don’t over-do it. I went over with it just once.

4.Finally add two coats of the Growth Mascara for full lashes.


And I am done! Wasn’t that quick? Because I used the silver Shadow Stick, this is more of a Friday-night look with its shimmer and glitter. And yes I am looking into doing these tutorials on YouTube so it can be quick and easy 🙂

Now for the fun part- the competition! All of the above make-up products are up for grabs plus an extra mono shadow! That’s 5 GOSH Products that you get to play around with to create your perfect cat-eye.
Enter via Rafflecopter below,and good luck!

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29 thoughts on “5 Minute Cat-Eye With Gosh+ Competition {CLOSED}”

  1. Wow…that looks so fabulous! I must admit I am super scared to try the cat eye, so never have tried it! Maybe after reading this tutorial I will give it a bash. A You Tube video with this would be great 🙂

  2. For a must have for a cat eye , is a Gosh shadow stick or a Gosh liquid liner for creating the perfect cat eye .

  3. Your cat eye is giving me life right now! I’ve had so much trouble doing this in the past and I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one! The end result is gorgeous, the glitter shadow stick is a lovely little pop of glamour to the entire look

  4. I so badly want to perfect the cat eye and I hate re-drawing! This looks like it will defintely ease doing the cat eye and I absolutely love a good mascara!

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