BABOR ReVersive Range

Babor ReVersive

I recently got to try out my first little taste of the magic that is BABOR. I have heard about the brand and the beauty girls rave about BABOR products, so at a recent launch I was intrigued and excited to hear more about the brand and what it has to offer.It was founded in 1955 by Dr.Michael Babor and since then has gone on to establish themselves as one of the worlds leading skin-care brands. The launch was all about their new ReVersive range which I am here to tell you a little bit more about today.

babor reversive

Besides their new ReVersive range, BABOR had another exciting announcement. They announced Delia Sievers as the new face of the brand, and not only is she gorgeous, she is also from South Africa! I always love hearing about the local girls that make it big with whatever they do, and Delia being the new face of BABOR is just another shiny add to the South African-models-making-it-big-overseas-list.

Babor ReVersive

As BABOR puts it, they have created “an exclusive precision formula exclusively for ReVersive. It contains four high-performance active ingredients that work together in perfect synergy. In order to create ReVersive, BABOR relied on award-winning medical research, the protective effect of plant-based stem cells and the power of active marine ingredients – with one common goal in mind: to reactivate and maintain the beauty of each individual woman.”

Babor ReVersive

The four main ingredients in the range are Telovitin(keeps cells younger for longer), Agicyl(activates defenses against skin aging), Lumicol(creates luminosity and radiance) and Epocyl(for an instantly visible smoothing effect).As my skin begins to show the first signs of aging, I am getting very interested in specific ingredients in products that can help me to age slower, and reduce appearance of fine lines. My main concern at this point is my crows-feet that is beginning to appear slowly but surely. And before you go on and try to tell me that I don’t have any, and that I am still young, I can start to see it and it sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable when I take photos and I smile because I can see the lines. So I was glad to try out the anti-aging eye cream, because at the moment this has been my most problematic part.

Babor ReVersive

The anti-aging eye cream has a lovely albeit thick texture that goes on very smoothly onto the sensitive eye area. You can put it all around the eye, and one pump as enough to cover the whole area. While the anti-aging results take a little while to show up(I am still in the process of giving it my usual 3-month run), the immediate difference that I noticed is that the eyes look more illuminated and fresh. It’s almost like an instant pick-me-up, but of course the main purpose of the cream is anti-aging. I am watching my crows feet very closely, and this cream only needs to be applied as little as twice a week!

Babor ReVersive

Another lovely thing about this range is the beautiful packaging. There is nothing more that I love than pretty packaging, because it makes the product that much more lust-worthy.The brown metallic packing is strong and sturdy and fits the luxurious feel of the brand. The anti-aging eye cream retails for R1319 and I would recommend it to women who are beginning to have concerns about their eye area aging quickly. You can find out more about BABOR stock lists and the rest of the range over here.


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    Looks like such an amazing product

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      It really is!:)

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