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Lately I am trying to make a big effort to work out. Summer is almost here, and it’s not that I am trying to lose weight per se, I am just trying to get toned and fit. So I recently started the Kayla Itsines workout, which is just another word for torture. Boy does she work you! After the first few exercise days my muscles were hurting so bad, I could barely walk. Add some exam stress to that and you get one unhappy Rina. So the next time I worked out I made sure to prep my muscles beforehand, and massaged my muscles after every workout to loosen them. That’s why in today’s segment of “On My Beauty Desk” I am sharing a couple of things that are helping me out on my journey to Bikini Body and helping me through exam stress.
The Mio trio

mamma mio fit skin
I have written about this brand before , and I recently got this little sample pack with 3 things in it- The Workout Wonder, The Boobtube and The Activist. Mio is all about having a fit skin for life, and these 3 products sure do help! The Workout Wonder is a great invigorating muscle motivating gel, which I use before and after my workouts. It has a very pleasant minty smell, and what is does it that almost warms up your muscles before exercise and cools them down afterwards. I have really found it to be helpful! The Bootube crème helps to keep your boobies nice and frim, and I will have to give that a proper review later on, because nothing’s going to lift your breasts overnight(except maybe a boob job ;)). And The Activist Body Oil is great to use after the shower, to moisturize your skin and keep it looking fresh and firm. The pack retails for R650 and as you can see the samples seizes are quite big. The Workout Wonder is a real gem if you are just staring your fitness journey, so if you had to invest in one of these 3 products I would definitely recommend that one.

mammo mio fir skin
Dermalogica Stress Relief Oil

dermalogica stress relief oil
I got this oil from Sonette(the amazing Dermalogica PR) when I told her that my cat is stressed- she really was, I event took her to the vet because she was pulling her fur out, and I was told Lisa is stressed because she is missing me(I just got back from Russia that time). When Sonette heard that Lisa is stressed, she suggested I put some of this oil on her neck every night because it will calm her down. Sonette herself uses it on her cute French Bulldogs Lenny and Winston when they are being hyper active and she wants to calm them down. So it’s safe for humans and animals! I used it a bit on Lisa and in-conjunction with her medication she recovered fully! Now I use it on myself for exam stress. It has a very strong scent and contain several essential oil such as lavender oil, ylang-ylang and citrus. I rub a few drops on my temples and rub some of the oil on my hands between my study breaks. The scent of it really helps me to calm down and breath, and this and Rescue Remedy have been getting me through these tough exams! I recommend this to anyone who needs a bit of stress relief in their life. Also works wonders when used for a massage and you can add a couple of drops to your bath to help you un-wind after a long day.
Lush “Tender Is The Night” Massage Bar.

lush massage bar
This was another item in the lovely gift package that Charlene send to me for my birthday. I love this massage bar! As soon as you warm it up in your hands, it turns into oil. It has the most delish scent of vanilla and this has been prefect for my post-workout massages. Especially on my legs! I use this after my “leg day” workout, and it’s so easy to use, smells yummy and my muscles always feel much better the next day. At R95 it’s a real bargain and a treat!
Are you working out to get in shape this summer?

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  1. You describe the Bikini Body guide so well… But your beauty routine sounds like its complimenting the workout so well!!! Really sounds great

  2. у твоей мамы тоже страшный стресс!!! Расскажи обо мне Сонетт!!! Срочно!
    И еще у меня началась аллергия на твоего отца. Я думаю, она тоже должна что-то от этого посоветовать! :))))

    А название суперское! Вспоминается любимый фильм итальянцы в России: О, мама Мия, Санта Розалия!

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