Just before Christmas Balm Balm spoiled me with their latest Frankincense collection which includes  a Cleansing Balm, a Hydrosol Toner and the Light Facial Oil. Now being the Russian that I am and often not knowing every word and what it means I was struck by the word “Frankincense”. I was like “Whaaaat is that?”. After some research I found out that it is an aromatic resin that is obtained from a tree and is used in many facial oils! In fact the owner of Balm Balm, Glenda Taylor , counts it as her favourite facial oil. This is why I love blogging- not only do I get to test out awesome products I also get to learn some new words and beauty definitions while I am at it.


A little bit about Balm Balm(if you haven’t heard of it, are you living under a rock?)- It is a 100% natural and organic brand that provides facial and body care. They have everything from Bath and Body Oils, to Facial Masks and Serums and even a fragrance-free range that is safe for babies. All of Balm Balms packaging is recyclable and they are a member of the BUAV which means none of their products are tested on animals. In South Africa you can purchase them over at Luhla or contact a Balm Balm rep for more info.

The unique thing about the Frankincense range is that it is suitable for all face types. Your skin will simply absorb as much or as little as it needs from the ingredients. The wonderful thing about Frankincense is that it has a rejuvenating effect on the skin and improves circulation. The scent also has a calming effect which helps your body and face relax and de-stress. I use my products before bed time mostly, but with all of these benefits you could use them any time you feel like your skin needs a rest.
Okay so onto the individual products:
The Cleansing Balm

The Cleansing Balm was my least(if I can even use that word) favourite of the three products. I have never used a cleansing balm before so the first few times I used it, it didn’t work well. What you should do is, apply a little bit throughout your face and then take a warm cloth and wipe/wash it off. The balm removes every bit of dirt there is on your face and leaves it feeling fresh and clean. It consists of Bees wax, Shea butter and Jojoba and it also contains extracts of Grapefruit to refresh your skin. Extra tip:  I would recommend this to every traveller. I took my Cleansing Balm with me to Russia and it saved me on my plane rides! Due to its unique texture , it is not liquid, which means you can take it on the plane with you(Russia is so hectic you are not allowed any sorts of liquid in your hand luggage at all). I applied it all over my face and when the stewardess brought me over a hot towel, I cleaned my face and had a fresh face the rest of my journey. Yes I am so hectic about removing my make-up every single night, I don’t even miss it when I am on the plane. The Cleansing Balm retails for R235 for 30 ml. 30 ml sounds like very little but it will last you a very long time as a little goes a long way. This is how much I use every night.
The Hydrosol Toner
Hydrosol Toners are definitely growing on me. The Frankincense Hydrosol is made of the distillation of the Frankincense essential oil. It is so easy to use with just a few sprays enough to cover your face. Cassi(the Balm Balm rep and blogger over at The Glam Green Girl) suggested to me that I put it in the fridge and spray it after a hot summer day. Perfect! I did it all throughout December and when I got back to Jozi, because it has been hot and those few sprays are just what you need to refresh your skin. The scent of the Hydrosol is very subtle so it is almost like you sprayed your face with water. Except that you get all of the goodness from the toner onto your skin!  The Hydrosol retails for R235 for 30 ml.
Just a few sprays are enough to make your skin feel refreshed.
The Light Facial Oil

This is my ABSOLUTE favourite, not only from this range but in terms of any facial oil I have ever tried. It is incredibly light and absorbs into the skin so quickly, and you can see the benefits from it almost straight away. My skin has adapted a healthy glow and I know that this is the product that is going to get me through the dry Jozi winter! It contains Peach Kernel, Jojoba, Evening Primrose and Rosehip. It smells amazing and feels amazing on your skin. Seriously, who do I need to contact to get shares in this product for life? It retails for R188 for 10 ml and the dropper. Worth every cent.
I use one or two drops every night and it is more then enough to cover the whole face.
Over all I was very impressed with the range. Balm Balm is not only sold in South Africa, you can also get it worldwide over at www.balmbalm.com. Check out this seriously awesome brand and I hope you love it as much as I do! Next on my list to try is the Hibiscus Mask! 🙂

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