Happy Hump Day beauties! I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday actually. The week can’t go slower for me even if it tired! With summer fast approaching on the South African shores, we all need to stock up on something very important- sunblock! Growing up by the sea I should have been smothered in it when I was younger, but the sun in the Northern Hemisphere is completely different to ours in South Africa. I know it sounds weird, but it’s true! I didn’t realize how harsh the sun in South Africa is until a couple of years ago my little brother got so sun-burnt that his face was actually swollen for a whole week. I love me some Vitamin D, but the sun is not a joke and we need to protect our skin!
I am probably the worst person when it comes to putting on sunblock daily, but ever since receiving this Sun Ceutic product for a review, I have been trying to be better. Of course when I was down at the beach in Sochi I put it on religiously every day, but that’s not enough. I am trying to work this into my every-day make-up routine because I still want to have pretty skin when I’m older (no wrinkles or pigmentation) and this is the best way to start. This Sun Ceutic product contains SPF 50, which is the minimum sun protection factor you should be wearing if you are out at the beach, and even in day-to-day life.
This product combines the benefits of the powerful stem cell stimulator phycosaccharide AIP, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera (which is also very soothing for the skin). It contains both physical and chemical UVA and UVB protecting ingredients and powerful anti-ageing agents. I used it on the beach every day, mainly on my face, shoulders and décolletage area because that is where my skin is most sensitive and seems to burn the most if leave it without sun block. The texture of Sun Ceutic is perfect- it comes out nice and thick but once your rub it into your skin it dissolves into it almost immediately. The instructions do specify to apply it after every swim, but I found it to stay put even after I took 2-3 dips and only re-applied it afterwards.
Sun Ceutic retails for R400 and with many brands offering sunblock at a much cheaper price, why buy it? While I agree that there are better options of sunblock that you can buy and use for your body, your face and areas that are especially sensitive to sun deserve something like this. I would recommend getting this for the summer season and using it exclusively on your face to ensure good protection from the sun. Your face is especially sensitive to the harmful sun rays so make sure you take care of it while tanning this season at the beach. And don’t forget to apply this on your eyelids too and get a good lip balm with sunscreen for your lips! Those areas of your face often get neglected but they are just as important!
Have a happy Wednesday, and here is me swimming away in Sochi last month, wish I could go back there now!

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