I am a big fan of hair oil as I like to treat and nourish my hair regularly. I happen to have quite long hair and I will never, ever chop it off, so that means that I have many long years of testing and experimenting with hair products ahead of me(I don’t know how much upkeep shorter hair is, all I know is that long hair is a lot!). I don’t colour or experiment with my hair either- a terrible set of highlights in my first year of varsity put me off colouring badly. They were chunky, way too blonde for my hair and all in all disgusting. Having curly textured hair, which I hate of course, I heat-style my hair weekly. Yes mom, I know how bad it is for my hair but I can’t help wanting luscious, straight locks. So due to the constant heat-styling I use hair oil, mainly on my ends because they split. Hair oil won’t fix the split ends totally of course but it nourishes them, and overall makes them look a lot nicer.
So I used to be a HUGE “Moroccan Oil” Hair Oil girl. Nothing ever came close to that for me, and I always told everyone that it’s a miracle. So when I got the Inoar Argan Oil in a goodie bag I sort of just shrugged my shoulders, knowing I wasn’t going to be blown away. I decided to give it a whiff at least when I got home and wow! It smelt even better than the Moroccan Oil! Now the scents are very similar, almost identical, but Inoar Argan Oil is a lot thicker. No wonder they call it liquid gold, it looks exactly like that when you are pouring it out the bottle! The Argan Oil is part of Inoar Argan Oil System Kit which also includes a shampoo conditioner and a mask. It makes sense to use the whole range of products which I usually do. However if you would just like to give your hair a healthy boost, the oil is enough.
The Inoars actual Argan Oil concentration is 9%- the highest of any argan-based hair oil. That’s why I was so blown away by it. The texture is very thick. Only a little blob is enough to cover the whole of my head. What I usually do is I rub the oil in my hands, almost like warming it up. And then I spread it amongst the ends of my hair. If you have dry hair you can do it to your roots as well, but be careful not to overdo it. Greasy hair is not sexy, and over-using the oil can do that to you!

The bottle is 60 ml and I can imagine its going to last me a veeery long time. The bottle is glass as most hair oil bottles are, and the only negative thing I have to say is, I wish it came with a little applicator or a pump. Pouring it out of the bottle, I have poured too much out on a few occasions. It just seems like a bit of a waste for such an amazing product.

Now I have some fantastic news for you! I am giving away a bottle of this liquid gold for you to try it for yourself! Entering is super easy- follow Inoars PR rep on Twitter(@franco_danielle) and tell us(I’m @irinadoman) why you want to win! Don’t forget to comment on this post with your details!

Good Luck!:)

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12 thoughts on “Beauty Review + Giveaway – Inoar Argan Oil”

  1. Tweeting @anitasteenkamp1, my hair desperately needs this because a few year ago I lost a lot of my hair due to illness, and since then my hair is a mess, I have made peace that I wont get the luscious locks ever again, but I would be happy just to have healthy hair again! Mine doesn’t look to great right now, and this seems to be amazing!

  2. rehana seedat email: dseedat@telkomsa.net Have tweeted @rehanaseedat. I have shared this giveaway on Twitter. My hair is extremely dry, dull & brittle. Would love to win the Inoar argan oil as it will certainly help to improve the present state & condition of my hair

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