There is a new fragrance in town and just in time for spring because it is the epitome of a spring scent! The recently launched JEU d’Amour(Game Of Love in English) has recently hit our shelves in South Africa and it is the 8th addition to the Amour range by Kenzo. Up until now I was a Kenzo virgin- although his bottles always attracted me I never really gave them a sniff. And I regret it, because turns out not only do the Kenzo perfumes all have gorgeous bottles but they also smell delicious and are really long lasting.

The idea behind the fragrance in the words of the perfume creators is to reinvent love. “Play, Smile, Seduce, Seduce again, Provoke, Surprise… Love is a gamble. Seduction, a game of cards… Never being where he expects you. All the better to charm him.” I really liked the ad for it as well(which you can watch below) which is a little tongue in cheek. The gorgeous model behind the perfume is French actress Louise Bourgoin. She is so beautiful, and although she is already very popular in France, I feel like she is going to hit it big in Holywood soon.When I got the package(thanks to the ladies over at African Sales!) it had some playing cards in it which had lipstick kisses all over them- I don’t know which poor soul had to kiss all of these cards for us beauty bloggers but the effect was definitely so worth it!:)
The scent of the perfume fits right between the fresh and fruity kind. It has top notes of blood mandarin, pomegranate and tuber rose. I love,love,love tuber rose and try have it around the house as much as I can, it smells amazing. The middle notes are a bit more woody with sandalwood being present, and the bottom notes are tea and musk. All around delicious!

The bottle is asymmetric as with all of the bottles in the Amour range and it is a very pale pink colour. I struggled to photograph it because it is just so beautiful I felt like nothing was doing it justice(of course the original photo that I did with  pack of cards looked awesome, but due to a laptop incident these had to be re-taken in Russia). The scent is rather long lasting- I would say 4-6 hours on your skin and over a day if you spray it directly onto your clothes.
Give this fragrance a try if you are looking for something fresh and new to fall in love with this spring. It is very yummy and if you love floral scents, you will fall in love with this baby. Available at all major retailers such as Edgards,Woolworths and Red Square now and it comes in 30ml(R760),50ml(R1060) and 100ml(R1460)

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