Happy Hump Day guys! We are half way through the week, and its round about this time in the week where I start feeling a little grumpy. Friday seems so far away, and there is so much work to be done! On days like this I like treating myself to a nice hot, relaxing bath. There is nothing I love more than a hot bath on a cold winter night. During the colder months I can bath almost every day- and yes I do stay in there until I start looking like a prune! One of my favourite bath time treats over the last couple of months has been this Liquid Yoga Restorative Bath Soak from Mio.
I was introduced to the Mio brand in June when I attended their launch at The Saxon Hotel. I have heard of Mama Mio before, which is in the same brand but the Mama Mio obviously offers products for pregnant woman and new moms. They have some cool products like the Boobtube Pregnancy Cream and the Tummy Rub Oil which helps woman get through their pregnancy. The Mio range is for everyone and contains a number of different products- the Get Waisted Body Shaping Cream and the Shrink To Fit Cellulite Smoother are just some of the products that Mio has to offer.
The Liquid Yoga soak is a moisturizing blend of essential oils, mineral salts and herbs. It is described as your “masseuse in a bottle” and I couldn’t agree more! It helps with muscle fatigue, achy bodies and it re-energizing and detoxifies. With ingredients like Epsom Salts, Murmuru Butter and Andiroba Oil, this little guy will relax you to the max.This is perfect for after gym, when your muscles are aching a bit and you want to relieve the pressure. Or if you had a long day and want to relax and re-boot.
It has a very distinct mint smell, which of course I loved but it can get a little overwhelming if you pour too much into your bath. I pour a cap of Liquid Yoga, and that’s more than enough. The scent fills your bathroom and you feel like you are in a fresh mint forest. I really found it so good to help me clear my mind after a long day! The scent doesn’t stick you tour body afterwards which I also liked.
So guess what I will be doing tonight? Lighting some candles and running myself a hot bath filled with Liquid Yoga. This baby helps me get over the Hump Day, and you can get your own at selected salons and spas, and the 200ml retails for R550.
I hope you have a good Wednesday!:)

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