This review is long overdue, but if you have seen me in the past few weeks, I’ve probably raved to you about this product.
I had no idea what this was until I received it.Now the first thing you have to know is that you mustn’t be put off by the whole “As Seen On TV “ thing. Because as I later found out, you can also purchase this little gem at Clicks.
So what is it? It is a skin product set which includes a Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer. On the box it says that it will clear up skin in 28 days. I’ve said this before- I don’t really have a problematic skin but little buggers do pop up every now and then at the most inconvenient time. So let’s get right in.
The Positives
It promises to clear out your skin- and it does. I was shocked because I’ve tried everything when a little blemish pops up- toothpaste, “zit-correctors” and those “takes-all-pimples-away” gels. Nothing has ever worked and I just had to live with it and cover it with a lot of foundation. So when a couple of buggers decided to pop up on my face before a big day, I opened my products and decided to give them a bash. I am not lying when I say this – the blemishes were barely visible the next morning. I tried this again and again, last time being the night before the Johannesburg Blogger Meet Up when Mr.Pimple decided it was a good time to decorate my face. By now I knew that these little gems would solve the problem and went to the meet-up with a decent face. I regret not taking a before-and-after photo to prove it. 
Now I will say this again- I don’t have a problematic skin. So I can’t vouch for it clearing up acne or any serious skin condition. But I can honestly say that this is my go-to product for any breakouts or “bad-skin” days. On the box it has the stats of the product and it promises to clear out 90% of blemishes in 28 days. It worked so well for me in a shorter period so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with a more serious condition.

The Negatives
There is only one, and I suppose you have to expect it with such a well-working product like this one. The smell. This is a 100% natural product with no added fragrance. The smell it not totally bad or anything, but it is not Coco Mademoiselle. The texture of the moisturizer is also a little grey, but don’t be put off by it.

The Price: The whole set retails at R400 and you could buy it at Clicks if you are not a fan of TV shopping (although after a couple of glasses of wine, who isn’t?).
The Bottom Line: I was pleasantly surprised by this product and will definitely keep buying it. I have added it to my skin routine, but not as an every-day product. I have been using it more for my “blemish emergencies”. Mr. Pimple can say goodbye!

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