When it comes to skin products, I like giving it at least 3-4 weeks before I write a review up about it. I like to thoroughly test the product so I can give my honest opinion about it. The wonderful Francesca from Philosophia Botanica sent me some of their products to review, of which the skin ones were these two: The Multivitamin Face Cream and the Anti-Age Face Serum.
I am lucky to not have a very problematic skin. It is fairly low-maintatnce and my skin-routine is fairly simple. However when I got back from Russia, I was breaking out. It must have been due to the travel and the change of climate but I came back with lots of horrible spots on my face which of course stressed me out even more; luckily I have just received the products and was very excited to try them out!
Philosophia Botanica is a 100% natural brand. It was started in the moment of inspiration when Francesca was looking for natural products that would enhance inner beauty as well as outer radiance. She decided to combine the luxury of the spa and the high quality beauty brand and so Philosophia Botanica was born. Philosophia Botanica introduces the skin to the healing benefits of botanical ingredients with its safe, treatment focused range. They are currently busy setting up and launching in the UK!:)
What I thought of the products :
The Positives:

Skin – Healing Properties: After using the Multivitamin Cream with conjunction with the Face Serum, after about a week and a bit my breakout was on its was out. I was so happy to have clear skin again I could of driven to Cape Town and given the people of Philosophia Botanica the biggest hug! The Multivitamin Face Cream has been my constant companion and I apply it twice a day, and just apply the serum before night-time. The serum has a sunny orange colour and goes on smoothly over or under the cream.
The Packaging: All of Philosophia Botanica packaging is environmentally friendly. I sure will plan to recycle my containers once I am finished, and the Multivitamin Cream is almost done.
The Natural Factor: I love any product that is cruelty free and natural. The Multivitamin Cream is made with Vitamin E, Rooibos, Evening Primrose and Tangerine extracts. The serum also contains Calendula, Carrot and Geranium extracts. Now doesn’t this just sound like something you want to put on your delicate skin, with no artificial fragrance or ingredients?
The Negatives: I have been using the products for over a month, and so far I only have rave things to say about them. Unfortunately I can’t really report back on the Anti-Aging part of the serum as the sneaky wrinkles have not gotten to me yet, but I plan on giving the rest of the serum to my mother so she can report back for me 🙂
The Bottom Line: I would repurchase both products. I have honestly fallen in love with the cream and its fresh smell, that I can’t even imagine not having it in my routine. I am also reviewing some of the products from Philosophia Botanica Body Line so keep an eye out for that 🙂

The Price: As the products were gifted to me I am not exactly sure of their exact price so please contact Francesca at info@Philosophiabotanica.com for more. If you live in Cape Town you can also stop by the Zen for Life Spa and the Thai Sabai Day Spa for one of Philosophia Botanica Signature Holistic Treatments. Also visit their website over here.

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