A few weeks before my birthday I cleverly kept leaving the “Pleats Please” samples around the house. One on the kitchen counter, one on the table and one next to the bed. Men can be really slow sometimes when it comes to women dropping hints about what we want for our birthdays, but luckily Steve caught onto this one and told his mom to get me a bottle for my birthday. Here is the thing: I was confused as to why I liked the smell. While at the Duty Free in Dubai I remember smelling the fragrance and going “Ugh” and putting it back down. But when I got home and my friend gave me a sample to smell, I loved it. The confusion was sorted out by a single Google search: There are 3 versions of “Pleats Please” all with different notes in them. There is the original Pleats Please, the Pleats Please Eau de Parfum and the Pleats Please L’Elixir. The original Pleats Please is the one that is sold across South Africa.

The perfumes slogan is “The perfume that moves you” and was inspired by the Japanese house fashion collection of the same name. Personally I love pleats and I think that they are a staple in any girls’ wardrobe. The fragrance is described as optimistic and playful and that is portrayed by the adverts for the perfume.
The scent: The scent is a departure from my usual favourites. I am not a fan of sweet-smelling perfumes but this one has got a hold on me. It was designed by Aurelien Guichard who is also responsible for the Nina Ricci “Ricci Ricci” scent (one of my ultimate favourites) and the Narcissio Rodrigues “For Her”.
The scent is very fruity-floral and this embodies a fragrance of the “girly girl” for me. I would describe it as a marriage between an apple and a pear on the fruit side and a sweet pea and a peony on the floral side. You can immediately recognise the fruity scent in the opening note which is the Asian Nashi fruit (Google tells me it’s a mix of an apple and a pear, just as I thought). The middle notes are quite fruity with the before mentioned sweet pea and a hint of jasmine. And as the perfume completely settles you can sense some woody undertones of vanilla absolute and white musk.

The bottle: The bottle is gorgeous. As I have mentioned before, the bottle often gets me. I display my perfumes and as you would guess, most of the perfumes I have, caught my eye with the bottle first (Katy Perry Purr cat bottle and Lola’s plastic rose bottle cap are some of my favourite designs). The asymmetrical bottle design was taken from the brands Bao Bao Bag and is finished off with a white cap which resembles a piece of a pleated material floating through the air.
The longevity: The longevity of the fragrance is amazing epically for an Eau de Toilette. It settles in wonderfully onto your skin and sinks right into your clothes. It easily lasts the whole day on me.

The Bottom Line: If sweet fragrances with fruity and floral notes like Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture and CK One Shock by Calvin Klein are your favourites, then this scent is for you!

The Price: The perfume sells in 30, 50 and 100 ml and is sold at select Edgars, Red Square, Stuttafords and Foschini stores. Often if you buy over 50 ml there is a gift with purchase so check it out! 🙂 It retails between R540-R1025.

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