If you follow me on  Instagram you might have seen these little guys pop up in one of my photos. I was beyond excited when I heard that Revlon is releasing a line of scented polishes- not that the normal scent of a nail polish bothers me, but how cool is it to have your fingertips smelling different every time? The collection arrived on South African shores in January  and it has sixteen different polishes that divide into three categories: “Sweets and Spices”,” Fruits and Florals” and “Freshes”. Now, I don’t know how Revlon knows me so well, but they send me exactly the scents  that I would have wanted. I am not a fan of spicy scents(in fact I down right hate them) and lucky for me I got spoiled with the “Fruity and Florals” and the “Freshes” polishes. Today I am reviewing two polishes from the “Fruits and Florals” range- Pink Pineapple and African Tea Rose.

The Packaging : 
 I love the cute vintage packaging of the polishes. It makes me think of old perfume bottles that my great-grandma used to have. I thought the lid shape would be a bit of a mission to paint with, but actually it wasn’t a problem at all. Size-wise it is 11.7 ml but like I have mentioned before, I prefer smaller polishes because I can never use up a full-sized polish before it goes off. The bottles are really gorgeous and I look forward to displaying them on my vanity stand.

Now onto the individual polishes.

All photos taken in natural light.
Pink Pineapple
When I first received the polishes, I painted all of my fingernails different colours and made Steve guess the scents. The scents of the polishes are incredibly accurate and Steve immediately pointed out that this one smells like a pineapple. Now here is the thing- don’t expect to open the bottle and be able to smell the specific scent without actually painting it onto your fingernail. Once painted, you can start to smell the scent almost straight away. The colour is a very pretty pastel pink and the texture of it looks very creamy and rich on the nails. I needed three coats to achieve the perfect look, and I did add a topcoat. The scent of the pineapple does not fade with a topcoat and I imagine it wouldn’t with a base-coat either.

The longevity of the polishes is pretty good- the colour lasted about three days until I started noticing a chip and the scent lasted almost two days. I realize that I might have looked weird at varsity because I always smelt my nails, but I just couldn’t help it! The scent is subtle so I didn’t walk around smelling like a pineapple, but it was strong when I brought my fingers back to my face.

 African Tea Rose

I LOVE the rose scent and own many rose-based perfumes so this was a favourite of mine. The scent is as close as you can get to a tea rose, and if you are a fan of the DKNY Pure Rose perfume like I am, you need to go to the shops and get it right now! The colour is a gorgeous deep pink, very close to fuchsia. I only needed one coat for the colour to show up beautifully, but put on two to make it last longer. As with Pink Pineapple, the scents lasted about two days. The drying time is also surprisingly quick, but be patient if you need to paint more than two coats- they can smudge!

The Verdict: 
 Revlon really nailed it (excuse the pun) with this collection! There are a variety of scents and colours that will suit everyone, the longevity of the polish is great, the design is cute and the polishes themselves are top-notch! The Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel Collection retails at R99.95 per polish and is available at all participating retailers such as Clicks, Dis-chem, and Edgars.

39 thoughts on “Beauty Review – Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamels”

  1. Both these shades are absolutely stunning! You have inspired me to paint my nails today, I haven’t painted them in a while… *bad beauty blogger*

    I have the Wintermint shade and boy, it smells divine…like After Eight choccies! Yum!

    Luzanne Ashby | Pink Peonies | http://www.pinkpeonies.co.za

  2. These look lovely! Am I the only one who’s a sucker for a pretty nail polish bottle? I haven’t been buying nail polish lately (it’s winter here in Canada) and my nails are constantly chipping due to the frigid weather. I hope my local drugstore has this line, I can’t wait to buy a bottle even though I’m not a fan of pinks I might just have to buy the two you reviewed.
    Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

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