The Super Lustrous Lip glosses are back, and they are back with a bang! As some of you may know, the first Super Lustrous Lip gloss was launched a few years ago, and now it got a makeover. The tube of the Lip gloss was re-designed and now is more round and even more pretty (it was more of a square shape before) and the formula of the gloss was tweaked a little bit. Revlon introduced fifteen new shades, and I couldn’t wait to try these babies out!
I was sent the Super Natural and the Pink Pop shades.
What they say:
“Silky…Sexy…Brilliant. Glossy formula combines sheer colour and intense moisture with light-reflecting spheres to create amazing shine. SPF 15 “
What I think:
The Shades: The Super Natural shade is my favourite. It is very subtle and gentle yet it is noticeable on your lips. A very beige colour with a bit of sparkle. I also noticed (or maybe it’s just in my head, but see the pictures) that it plumps my lips a bit and makes them look fuller. 
Super Natural shade sans flash.
The Pink Pop is a light pink shade. It is not overwhelming, and it looks a lot brighter in the tube then it does on the lips. It is not as nicely pigmented as the other shade, and although I do like it, I am not amazed by it.
The Pink Pop shade sans flash.

The Texture: The texture is wonderful for me because I hate sticky lipglosses. These glide onto your lips beautifully and sparkle a little bit, but not in a tacky way. The little bit of shine in the lipglosses is perfect- it is subtle and pretty. The SPF Factor mentioned above is of course, a huge bonus and the formula also contains Vitamin E and Avocado Oil. 
Swatched: The Pink Pop(Left) and the Super Natural(Right) shades with flash.
The Brush: The brush is soft, and a little bit angled. The application is very easy. Basically, what you would expect a good lip gloss brush to feel like. 
The Bottom Line: I am quite taken with these lip glosses and see them taking a front-runner place in my make-up bag. You can use them just to add a bit of sparkle and gloss over your lipstick, but they look great on their own as well. The added hydration factor makes me like them even more!
I would definitely repurchase this product. Not sure if I’d buy the Pink Pop shade, but the Snow Pink, yes. I am also dying to try the Pango Peach (a light coral) and the Fatal Apple shades (a darkish orange). These are available at all Revlon counters in participating stores and retail at R110 each.

Want to try one for yourself? Keep an eye out for my last Revlon product review next week after which I will start the giveaway of a little hamper which will include a Super Lustrous Lip gloss!

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