Happy hump day guys! We are half way to the weekend, and it just can’t come soon enough for me! Today I am sharing my thoughts with you on the Stila “In The Moment” palette.  Hope you find some Valentine’s Day make-up inspiration here because this pallet is just so gorgeous!
I am a big fan of Stila make-up. The quality is great, the packaging is pretty and the longevity of the products is amazing. I am not a fan of buying single eye shadows, for some reason I always prefer a pallet. Stila offers four different ten-shadow palettes-“ In The Light”, “In The Moment”,” In the Garden” and “In The Know”.” In The Light” is an amazing neutral palette that many compare to the Urban Decay “Naked” pallets. Because I was so impressed with the “In the Light” pallet I decided to get another one that is right out of my comfort zone. I got the “In the Moment” palette to play around with different kinds of looks. The pallet contains purple shadows with a mix of my beloved neutrals.

The Packaging:
The cardboard box is a beautiful purple colour (which happens to be my favourite) and is very light and easy to carry around. When you open it there is a beautiful quote in it that says “Cherish the Beauty of the moment”. But- the huge negative for me is that there is no mirror. In The Light palette contains one and it just makes it so much easier to apply make-up on the go.

The Pallet:
The Pallet contains ten shadows and a smudge stick. I loved the names of the shades- they all have to do with living in the moment. Impulse, Instinct, Glance, Improvise, Catalyst, Desire, Wonder, Spontaneous, Whim and Captivate. I love the formula of the shadows- they are all very buttery, pigmented and long-lasting. I didn’t find them to fall of easily throughout the day, but they came off easily with some make-up remover (I hate it when I have to fight with my make-up when it won’t come off). 

The Shadows:
The palette contains ten eye shadows- seven shimmer and three matte. The shadows are a mix of neutrals, purples and browns. So even if you are not a fan of purple but like keeping it around for the times when you experiment, this pallet will benefit you. The first row is used for making a pretty purple smokey eye while the second row you can do a nice brown eye with. I suck at Smokey eyes (and eye make-up in general) but I am learning. I played around with the pallet and came up with this purple look.

Now onto the individual shadows:
Note: All photos were taken with natural light and no flash.


A very buttery and shimmery white/silver shade. Easily my favourite in the whole pallet. It glides on smoothly and leaves your eyes looking sparkly. You can use it all over your lid or just for accents. This is one of the shades I would consider getting an individual pack of.

 A light lilac colour. It has a little bit of a lavender shimmer and works great on its own for a subtle look.

A deep purple shade. Very pigmented and so stunning. I have to be very careful with it as to not look like I got punched in the eye, but with the right skill it makes for a beautiful purple smokey eye.


A matte dark purple shade with hints of pink shimmer. I struggle a little bit with matte shades because it is easy to mess them up. This shade is perfect to add the drama to your eye make-up.
A matte black colour with pink sparkles. It works great in any sort of make-up look and you can make a black smokey eye with it using Instinct.

A very pale pink colour. I struggled to get it to show up on my skin and had to swatch it a couple of times to get it to show up. My least favourite in the pallet because you need quite a bit of it to cover your lid.

A very pretty rose-gold colour. It didn’t show up so nicely in the photo but in real life it is beautiful. 

A pinkish-gold shade with shimmer. In terms of dupes, this is very similar to “Bubbly” from  “In The Light” pallet. It works great as its own shade and is one of the highly pigmented shades in the pallet.

A shimmery reddish shade. It looks very similar to a copper colour when it’s on your lid. Combined with Spontaneous on the crease of your lid it makes a stunning night-time look.

 A dark brown with purple sparkles. Completes any look whether you chose the purple or the brown eye. I think it’s one of those shades that are handy to have for everything.
Here is a picture of all of the swatches together(sorry for the spastic hand)
The eyeliner:
It is a water-proof smudge stick in the shade called Tetra which is a dark purple with hints of sparkle and shimmer. I loved it (as I do with all of Stilas smudge sticks).
The Bottom Line: 
Get the palette if you like experimenting with your look and/or like a brown eye. The palette will last you a long while, as with most of the shadows, a little bit goes a long way. The only negative- you would have to carry a separate mirror in your handbag if you like doing your make-up on the go.
You can get the “In The Moment” Palette from Stila counters at select Woolworths and Foschini stores or purchase it online from Style 36, Rubybox and Zando for R395

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