Happy Friday guys! Yay it is the weekend! Sadly for me party days are over and I have to study for the final push of the year! I was recently send over some pretty goodies from Bobbi Brown to try out this summer. As you all know I luuurv Bobbi (read my make-over post here), and while I am a fan of a wide range of make-up brands, what I love about Bobbi Brown is its neutral hues and wearable tones. There is something for everyone with Bobbi and I find it so hard to walk away from a Bobbi counter empty handed!
So let’s get in the summer mood and look into the wonderful items that I was lucky enough to review. The good news is that I tested all of these products while at the beach and all of them are summer proof- no smudging and very little fading!
Smokey Eye Kajal Eyeliner in Jade(RSP R285)
If you have ever wanted to create that perfect no-fuss smokey eyeliner look, this nifty little tool is your new best friend. The eyeliner is double sided with the one side having the pencil and the other a sponge smudger. The formula of the pencil is that of a traditional kohl liner- I love those things and have been searching high and low for a quality brand kohl liner for ages(I use to just go to China town for them but the lasting power is not great).
The swatch of the eyeliner on my top lid without using the smudger.

The texture of the pencil is so smooth and so easy to apply and it stayed on my eye for firmly a day. Hey I even went swimming with it on my hand after doing the swatches and look- it was still perfectly intact after I got out of the water! I know everyone always goes on about the Bobbi Brown gel liners but seriously, give this a go. This specific shade is called Jade and it’s a deep green shade that is really fun for the summer.

The swacthes after going for a swim. Top is just the pencil and bottom is the swatch using the smudger.

Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner in Pitch Black(RSP R295)
The Big Brother of the Kajal eyeliner that everyone always raves about. Bobbi Brown is known for their amazing gel-based liner and while you can get one straight in a tub, this one comes in a continent eyeliner shape (I am personally not a fan of applying liner with a brush-yikes!). I think enough has been said about this product because yes it is that good. It is creamy, long-lasting and application is a breeze. It lasted a good 5-6 hours before starting to fade out, so overall if you don’t have it in your make-up bag already, it’s time to get one now!
Rich Lip Colour Lipstick in Miami Pink(RSP R295)
This is a gorgeous coral shade for the summer from the Rich Lip Colour collection and this shade is only limited to this season (don’t you hate it when this happens!). The rich Lip Colours all have a very lightweight and creamy formula and they are a mix of pigment and with a clear base to give you the perfect lip in just one go. While I do love the formula, it was quite rich (ha-ha) and I had to fix it up a bit before making it look good. The colour is extremely vibrant and goes nicely with a sizzling summer tan. I think get it while its hot because you don’t want to miss out on this colour!
I might look a little sleepy but here I am wearing the lipstick.

Nail Polish in Roza(RSP R165)
The only thing that ever disappointed me even a little from Bobbi Brown (like ever) is the nail polish. The reason is – you have to have patient with this formula. Each coat takes about 5 minutes to dry and with specific shade I needed 3 coats for the perfect look. The colour is a neutral pink-based hue called Roza, and it works from the office to the beach. The good news is that it is long lasting and only started to chip 3-4 days in. So make yourself a cup of tea and put on some Gossip Girl and enjoyed the nail painting experience. It might take long to dry, but look how pretty it looks once you give it some time to finish settling in.

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