One of the great things about being a blogger, is that you are exposed to a lot of new things. I have been very narrow-minded when it came to spas and beauty salons, and always kept on visiting the same place to get my nails done and to have a relaxing massage. I recently visited the pink perfection that is the Sherbet Angel salon,  for their signature mani-pedi.
The salon is located in Parkhurst- one of my favourite Johannesburg neighbourhoods- on 4th avenue. The street boasts lovely shops and restaurants such as Vovo Telo where we had the Johannesburg Blogger meet up, Jolly Cools and Jolly Rogers’s where I used to party it up in first year, and it also has some amazing shops such as Egality where you can find local designer fashion.

The minute you walk into Sherbet Angel you feel at home- and that is their motto, they want it to be your home away from home. The salon is targeted at moms and mom-to-be, but don’t be put off by that. I am neither of that and I had a lovely time. However I can just imagine how nice it must be for a mom to come in there, and relax. The décor is so stunning, and the little touches all around the salon is what I loved the most. The little tea-cup roses, the angel statue on the desk and the pretty sayings on the wall. This salon is one-of-a-kind that is for sure.

I was treated to a Zoya Mani-pedi at the salon. Zoya is one of my favourite nail polish brands and is known for their stunning colours and the fact that it is a natural product. How Zoya actually started, was that Zoya(the lady who found the brand) was pregnant with her daughter and kept on getting allergic reactions to the polish that she was using at the time. Her husband, a chemist, worked out a brand new formula of polish that is safe for moms-to-be. Hence Sherbet Angel and Zoya are a perfect fit together!

While the talented ladies did my nails, I sipped on an ice-tea and chatted to the owner of the salon, Lisa about the salon and its journey. It is a mother-daughter run business which Lisa started when she was pregnant with her first child. The salon offers a variety of organic baby products and even has a cute little section of baby clothes. I was eyeing out the jar of speckled eggs on the table(another cute touch) and being at the salon made me feel like I had a little break from reality.

Visit Sherbet Angel as a little get-away from your everyday life. And don’t eat all of the speckled eggs please, I am surely coming back for them soon!;)

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