Its Fragrance Friday, and as it’s still the week of luuuurv here on the blog, today I wanted to chat about my favorite fragrance picks for Valentines Day. A perfume is always a great gift because it is something that everyone enjoys. I mostly get my perfumes as gifts and its very special to me, as I always remember the person that gave me the perfume by that scent. I always associate the “Very Irresestible” by Givenchy scent with my mom, because it was her first perfume gift to me on my 17th Birthday. Vera Wang “Princess” reminds me of my first boyfriend, and “Rebel L’fleur” by Rihanna of my friend from varsity. So when you gift a scent to your loved one this special day, make sure its a delicious one because often they will remember you like that 😉


On Wednesday night I visited Hyde Park Corner to check out their Valentines Day and perfume displays. The mall is set up with pretty hearts and lips everywhere to get you in the mood for love. There are over 50 perfumes on display for you to come and touch and smell, and pick your favorite. I played around with a few scents before picking my favorites to share with you guys.

For The Classic Lady

Nothing says class more than a bottle of Chanel. While the classic scent is the Chanel Number 5, it is not my favorite as it is way too strong for my liking. It has very strong notes of Yalang-Yalang that come through straight away and I recommend this perfume for the older lady in your life(mom or grandma). However the Chance by Chanel is a very light and sweet scent. With a fresh note of Citrus and a floral note of Iris, this scent will suit any lady in your life.

For The Punk Rocker

I can’t actually believe that I haven’t written about this scent yet because I love it! I got a bottle of Black Opium last year, and it was my firm favorite over the December season. Make no mistake, this smells nothing like the original Opium(which I hate). This scent has notes of Caffeine(delicious) and Vanilla, making for a very yummy mix. The bottle is what makes the perfume though, it is like a punk girl personified with its black glitter all over. Get this for the girl who has that little bit of a rocker inside her.

For The Oud Lover

Oud has become a very popular ingredient in a perfume in the last few years, with designer houses coming up with their own versions of perfumes with oud in them. My favorite however goes to the Gucci Oud, because it has a very nice mix of oud, without it getting too over powering. I love the scent of this perfume in winter, when its cold outside and you smell like a spicy minx.

For The Eternal Summer Lover

I am the eternal summer lover. I want summer to last forever. And ever. And ever. However I know that it  can’t be done, so I stick to little pleasures like having the scent of summer in a bottle. Estee Lauders Pleasures is just filled with floral notes that remind you of a blooming summer garden- Tuber rose, Violet, Jasmine, Peonies and Lilies. It’s a floral fantasy.

For The One You Desire

This fragrance is super sexy and with Scarlett Johannson being the face of this perfume, you can see why. It has notes of bergamot,caramel and vanilla, and let’s be honest when you give your Valentine a perfume called “The One Desire” it pretty much does all the talking for you 😉

For The Dessert Lover

I reviewed the La Vie Est Belle L’Absolu here last year, and this fragrance just smells like delicious dessert. It would be great for pretty much anyone, because let’s be honest everyone loves dessert.

If you are still not sure what perfume to get your girl, I would also recommend giving CH By Carolina Herrera a sniff, as it is a very nice, floral fragrance.

I hope this gave you some ideas and an insight on the world of perfume gifts ;). Now go spoil your special lady!

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