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To continue my “Best Beauty Products 2014” post, today I am sharing my favorite picks on the make-up front. It was very difficult to narrow this one down, especially the lipsticks because I am a huge lipstick addict and buy one probably every week! But I managed to narrow everything down, so here are my honest favorite make-up goodies form last year. Some of them were sent to me, and some I bought my self and would buy over and over again!

Face Products

revlon colourstay whipped vichy bb cream bobbi brown brush
I have recently been reviewing Revlons ColourStay Foundations, but I feel like it would be unfair for me to even write about all of them, because there is the one ColourStay foundation that I am absolutely obsessed with and can not put down- The ColourStay Whipped Foundation. It’s just aaahhh-maaa-zing, there is no other way I can describe it. It has a mouse-like texture, and it just melts onto my skin and covers up blemishes and spots. It comes in a jar which admittedly is a little difficult to carry around and it needs to be applied on with either a sponge or a brush. Speaking of brushes, this was my favorite foundation brush this year from Bobbi Brown. It feels great on your skin and provides a streak-free application(so this is the one that I use to apply the ColourStay Whipped Foundation with). And on the days where I want to feel a little bit more make-up free I use the Vichy BB Cream which also has a build-in SPF50 on it-bonus! I wrote about it here, and it firmly stands as my favorite BB cream of 2014.

Blush and Bronzer Products

bobbi brown shimmer brick copper diamond
There was the one and only in 2014, and that is the majestic Shimmer Brick from Bobbi Brown. I was eyeing it out at the shops for a long time, and I was almost ready to cough up the R650 that it costs, but had to retract that decision on the basis that I would have no money for food ;). Luckily the Bobbi Brown team made my dreams come true and spoiled me with the Copper Diamond shade and there is a reason why the Shimmer Brick is a cult product. I will be doing a detailed review of this baby because you need to see it up close. Th different shades in the Shimmer Brick are great for highlighting and for bronzing, and it leaves you with the perfect glow-like skin. The bonus is that you can also use the separate shades as eyeshadows. This was the limited edition holiday packing, but the Shimmer Brick is sold all-year around so I really recommend that you invest in one of these this year.

bobbi brown simmer brick copper diamond

Eye Products

lancome grandiose mascara
Eyes are the windows to ones soul so I make sure to frame mine well! My favorite eyeshadow palette of 2014 is hands down the Too Faced “Boudoir Eyes” palette. It makes me immensely sad that is brand is not yet available in South Africa, so I purchased this while in Russia in June. The quality of this brand is mind blowing- the color pay-off is great and the pigment stays on your lids for hours, until you literally take it off. Here is a close up of the palette which consists of neutral,nude, dark brown and purple tones.

too faced boudoir eyes palette

It might look small but keep in mind that I’ve been using it pretty much daily since June, and this is how much is still left. Birthday Suit, Lap Dance and Voulez-Vous are my favorite for a day-time look and I mix in French Tickler and Sugar-Walls for a smokey brown eye. I apply the shadows with my 27 Pinkx brushes which have been life-savers. I wrote about them here, so check them about, 27 Pinkx now has a gorgeous rose-gold collection of brushes.

lancome grandiose mascara

On the mascara side, I have been loving the Lancome Grandiose Mascara for it swan-neck wand which makes application a breeze! And the Elizabeth Arden mascara is great for creating rich, black lashes so I keep that for my night-time looks. The L’Oreal So Couture Felt-Tip liner has been a constant favorite since I reviewed it back in June over here(if you prefer gel liners,then definitely check out MACs Gel Liner in Black Track).And this year for the first time I used an eye-brow product! I have bushy eyebrows as it is, so I usually try to not go overboard with them, but this Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper and Hair Touch Up is just the perfect tool. It calms down my eyebrows(because they go all out bushy sometimes) and adds a bit of color and dimension to them, without making me look like a Cara Delavigne wanna-be.

Lip Products

MAC Heroine Angel Diva
Lipsticks are my favorite part about make-up because with just a pop of color from a lipstick, not only can your make-up be made but also the whole outfit! I prefer lipsticks over lip glosses all the time, and the brighter, the better! Matte is also my texture of choice because it lasts longer and looks sexier. I have a soft spot for MAC lipsticks, and this year I added another 12 to my collection. Please stop giving me dirty looks now mom, I didn’t buy all of them, some of them were gifts!(okay like 4 were gifts). My favorite shade during winter was Diva- a deep wine red that gives you a little bit of a goth-look but it looks so nice and vampy. Heroine is a crazy purple shade that used to be limited edition but last year was introduced into the permanent collection. It looks a little bit wild sometimes, so I make sure to pair it with simple make-up. And to go with a great smokey eye, or just for a day when I am feeling the simple look, I use Angel which is a pinky-nude shade that melts onto the lips. And recently I found my perfect red shade- the J.Lo from the L’Oreal Pure Reds collection(read more about it here). Other MAC lippies that I loved, but didn’t include here because it just would have been too long- Saint Germain for the perfect Barbie pink,Rebel for a deep purple look and Myth for the ultimate nude.

Shooo, that took a while but here we are! Did you have any stand-out make-up products that you loved last year? Especially lipsticks?:) Tell me!


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  1. Gosh lipstick in shade 146 was one of my go to shades. Its a nude lipstick with a velvet finish. Loved it!! I also love MAC finishing spray which keeps your make up in place all day.

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