bobbi brown long-wear cream  shadow stick

Happy Wednesday guys! I hope you have some awesome plans for the long weekend because we are almost there, and by awesome I mean lying in bed watching series and eating pizza(my perfect night!). Last year I tried out a Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadows Stick and I have been wanting to do a review on it ever since because I really enjoyed it. Seeing as recently some more colours joined my collection, I thought it was about time I introduced you guys to these very handy creamy shadows sticks from the one and only, Bobbi Brown.

bobbi brown long-wear cream shadow sticks

Bobbi Brown describes these sticks to have the “do-it-all formula that glides on tug-free and can be used to shade, define, smoke up and highlight eyes”.I found the formulas to be very creamy and very pigmented which is a big “Yay” from me. They are also very easy to use and super handy, because application(the basic one) can take mere minutes to do. They come in different shades and textures- I tried out the matte, satin and shimmer finish ones. I found most of them to be pretty good, but some of the matte ones were a little bit harder to work with. Lets take a closer look at the shades.

PS- If you think I look annoyed in some of these pictures its because I probably am. Taking photos gets old after about 10 minutes and thats the reality 😉

Black Tuxedo

bobbi brown shadow stick black tuxedo
This was the first shade that I tried out, and its pretty dramatic. Its matte black which is not for the faint hearted, but its oh-so-goregous. I only applied the colour to my lower lid, because something like this all over your lids will look nothing less than Halloween worthy. Even though this texture finishes of as matte, it was still quite creamy and easy to apply. Great for a night out when you are rushing from the office to a party as it adds instant drama to you look.You can smudge it out to create the smoky look, or use it just as is. This is a staple in the makeup bag for the girl-on-the-go.

bobbi brown creamy shadow stick black tuxedo


Heather Steele

bobbi brown long-wear creamy shadow stick heater steel

I loved this shade the most, simply because its good on it its own due to its neutral hue, but this can also be an advantage to your make-up bag since you can use it with everything else. This has a more satin finish, and I think this shade is perfect to wear to work or to varsity.It is very light and subtle, and you can apply it in a mere 2 minutes when you are driving(naughty, you shouldn’t do that, but sometimes when I’m stuck in traffic I do) or right before you leave home. You can also use it for a lovely brown smokey eye with any other eyeshadow palette, and just use this for the accent. Really lovely shade, I did struggle to get it to show up a little but it’s very neutral and very pretty.Also you can easily put this all over your eyelids and it won’t look overdone or scary.

bobbi brown long-wear cream shadow stick heather steel

Rich Caviar

bobbi brown long-wear cream shadow stick rich caviar
This is a rich brown shade, and the one that I enjoyed the least- I don’t know what it was about this texture but it was difficult to work with. I struggled to blend this shade in nicely around the corners and edges of my eye. It does look rather sultry and seductive though, so once you get the hang of the texture, the colour is gorgeous.Either this or Black Tuxedo is great for a night out on the town with the girls.

gobi brown long-wear cream shadow stick rich caviar


bobbi brown long-wear cream shadow stick goldstone
I love this shade, it is the ultimate party glitter stick! As the name suggests its gold,gold,gold and good,good,good! I used this recently for a fun dinner night look, and I loved how it looks with a red lipstick- even though its gold it’s not in-your-face and you don’t get any drag queen vibes don’t worry 🙂

bobbi brown long-wear cream shadow stick goldstone

There are 15 more colors that you can get, ranging from your soft peaches into moody blues and down to the deep browns. Overall I really enjoyed the shadow sticks because they were easy to use and quick to play around with.Some of the textures you might need to get a bit of a handle on first, but whether using the sticks alone or in conjunction with any other eyeshadow, having a few in your make-up bag is a must! These go for R370 each and are available at all Bobbi Brown counters nationwide.

bobbi brown long-wear cream shadow sticks


PS Check out my cute little helper who always wants to get involved in my photo shoots 🙂


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