Fellow bloggers, influencers, creatives and all other creatures listen up, because todays post is for you! I’ve been blogging for over 2 years now, and as much as I do it out of love, last year I also turned it into a bit of a business. I cant say that it was always easy, not at all, especially when everyone seems to want to take you on a free ride, but there were a few helpful channels that really helped me grow my blog. One of them is definitely Webfluential, the first company in the world that gives the influencers the tools to skyrocket – by developing innovative technology that aims to empower influencers.

If you haven’t heard of Webfluential yet, you must be living under a rock and its time to come out 😉 I signed on with Webfluential over a year ago (its free for influencers) and I haven’t looked back since. How it works is that it pulls through all of your account numbers, when you allow it to do so and ranks your resonance and reach (on Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook etc.). Yes you do have to allow it to do so, and I am not going to lie and say I wasn’t hesitant at first (I imagined weird things getting tweeted on my behalf ;)) but its totally safe and it reflects all the accurate data of your followers. From there on Marketers i.e. brands can locate you on Webfluential and offer you a job/campaign. Webfluential gives you a guideline on how to price your work (prices that people with similar influence charge) and my fav part is that its in dollars- one time you can actually be glad about this week rand 😉

webfluntial profile

If you already know all about the magical thing that is Webfluential, then skip on right over here and let me tell you about its latest tool that’s about to change the game even further. #BookedByWebfluential gives influencers complete control to take bookings anywhere, anytime, from any brand. 
 No more middle man and having to follow up on invoices (admin is quite literally the biggest downfall of my blog. Sometimes I avoid invoicing for months just because of the admin it takes). It’s as simple as a WordPress plugin (if you are still on Blogger, I would seriously consider changing) that is a widget on your website, and brands can book you right from your own page. Let me walk you through it, and if you are a little technologically challenged like I am, don’t be afraid- if I could do it in 5 minutes, so can you 😉

As a blogger/ influencer

Step 1– Download the Booked By Webfluential Plug in on WordPress (its called just that), and insert it as your widget on your WordPress blog. You can see mine on my sidebar, because thats where I like keeping all my widgets (you can even choose the color, I went with purple, obvs).


Step 2– Get booked and get paid.


That’s all that there is to it, because the widget leads you right to your Webfluential profile where markets can get quotes and book you. The client (i.e. the marketer or the brand) then also handles the payment to you directly once the campaign is done. Payment with Booked By Webfluential is always guaranteed.


The tool also comes with some cool things like a chat, where you can directly speak to the brand that booked you and ask questions. I chatted with Webfluential people (who were my client in this case) about a few difficulties I was experiencing and it’s a live chat, which makes things a lot easier. Everything is in one place, your brief, your details and your payment which makes working a breeze.

As a Brand/Marketer

Step 1– Go over to the person’s blog and click the Booked By Webfluential widget. It will then take you directly to their Webfluential profile where at the bottom of it, you can submit a booking form.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 10.12.53 PM

Step 2– Select the elements that you would like the influencer to do- for example, I wanted 3 Tweets, 1 Facebook post, 1 Blog post and 1 Instagram for this campaign. Include as much info on the campaign as you can, as that will be the brief for the influencer.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 10.13.18 PM

Step 3– Booked By Webfluential will then generate a quote for you, based on the influencer’s rates. You can also choose to add paid media (sponsored tweets etc.).


Step 4– If you accept the quote, the influencer will then get a notification on their side and let you know if they accept the campaign or not. Once the campaign is finished you will also get a detailed report.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 10.16.40 PM

Its really that simple for both sides, and overall it took me about 5 minutes as a blogger to install this tool and 2 minutes as a marketer to try and “book” myself. I think it’s a great tool that can help grow our industry and our blogs/social channels to new heights, and I will be updating this post later to let you know how my experience with this tool went further. You can also watch this video to help you understand the tool. If you are an influencer, download this tool on WordPress now and start getting booked!:) If you re a marketer then go on and book some people!;)




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  1. Hi Irina, thanks for sharing this! I’m a recent Beauty related Youtuber, will this platfrom also work for Youtubers? 🙂

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