Every now and again I come across a brand or a product and wonder- how the hell do people not know about it yet? There are so many hidden gems all over the place so I have decided to start a new section on my blog where I feature brands or products that others might not be familiar with yet, but they are pretty awesome. Please note, these are not sponsored posts, it is just something I would like to share with everyone. It will most probably be something that I was gifted,won, got in a goodie bag or went out and bought myself.
I was gifted this “Love My Lace” bag for winning a blogger competition at the Wedding Expo(don’t ask me why I was there-can’t a girl look at some dresses in advance?)held at the Maslow Hotel. I know you are wondering what the hell this is (it looks like some rather large breasts ;)). “Love My Lace” provides ladies with stylish and sexy travel bags! As an avid traveller myself I am always in need of a bag to put my lingerie in while travelling- we have one for our precious shoes, so why not our lingerie? Pretty bras are few to come by in my size so I look after mine like gold!
The texture of the bags is very hard- you know your lingerie will not be creased or worse, destroyed, during your travels. The bag will fit about four-five of your favourite bras- depending on their padding. Love My Lace offers a variety of different designs of the bags and two different styles- the normal and the buxom (for ladies like me)). They also have matching underwear bags that can fit all of your pretty lingerie in it.
I think this would make a terrific gift for any traveller or at any bachelorette party! It is sexy yet very fun and useful. The bags start from R700 and check out their website and Facebook page for more info.
This gorgeous thing is coming with me to Russia next time, that’s for sure!

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