Guys can you actually believe its December? I know we say it every year, but dam did this year go by quickly! December is one of my favourite months because of course it’s the most wonderful time of the year! 🙂 I have exciting, Christmas-y things planned for everyday in December from beauty reviews of products that will look great under your Christmas tree, to office party outfits, to DIY Christmas gifts, to gift guides and of course giveaways, I’ve got you covered!
Oh and did you notice that Christmas hat I am wearing on my header? Let’s get into the festive spirit woohoo! Thanks to Chicara for spreading a bit of Christmas cheer on the blog by adding me a Santa hat 🙂
Side note about the giveaway- exams set me back a little,so the giveaway will officially launch on Wednesday. Sorry about the wait, this degree has been killing me! Almost done though 🙂
To kick things off this celebratory month, I have a special Christmas Gift Guide for a lucky lady in your life today. I hand-picked all of these items- some I already have and think are great, some are on my own personal wish list, and some I think would make a great gift for any lady in your life. I hope you will enjoy this little selection I put together, and gents take note!
I will be back tomorrow with a few pots, but mostly expect me to be fully present from Thursday on !:)

christmas gift guide1. Light Box from Typo(R500)

I love fun decor from Typo, and which girl doesn’t? Any lady will love this cute light box, and of course you can change the letter to say whatever you want to! How about Merry Christmas?

2.The Perfume Bible (R500)
Which girl doesn’t like a perfume, or a book about it? A coffee table book is a great gift and this one is all about the delicious scents. Want!

3.Untold by Elizabeth Arden (from R495)

I have this perfume and I highly recommend this to anyone who loves fresh and floral scents! The bottle is also super pretty and this scent will have you longing for a life-long summer.

4.Nude Wear Blush from Physicians Formula (R210)

Look at that packaging! What an amazing gift and stocking stuffer this would be! Plus- makes you glow all pretty pretty.

5.Triangl Swimwear (from R800)

Hottest swimwear trend this summer is definitely these Triangl bikinis. I have one in blue which you will be seeing pictures of as soon as I hit the beach, but this black one is also a winner. You order them form overseas, but there is no need to worry about the postal strike! The swimwear gets delivered right to your house by FedEx-score!

6.Make-up Organizers from 27Pinkx(starting from R1000)

A pretty organizer is what any girl wants in her life gents! I have a clear one, and it has honestly made my life and my room is much better. 27pink has a range of different organizers, so check it out and spoil your lady.

7.Naked basics palette R595
I could sigh over this baby for hours. The Naked Palettes are a rare scarcity in South Africa, and can you believe it, I still don’t have one! Apparently they are amazing, and this Basic one has all of the starting colours that a girl needs.

8.Mimco Clutch from Woolworths(R999)

I have been drooling over the Mimco brand ever since they launched into Woolworths earlier this year. This clutch is the perfect accessory for the party season, and given its silver and black hue, will be in style summer and winter.

9.NudeStix at 27Pinkx(R350)

These pretty guys double as a blusher and a lipstick in one, so anything that can multitask has my attention.

10.LUSH Best Wishes Box (R225)

The Lush Christmas Collection is really something lust worthy, and this Best Wishes box contains 3 of the best sellers – the Hot Toddy shower gel which apparently smells like cinnamon hot balls and the So White and Cinders Bath Bombs. This would work great as a Secret Santa gift, and yes it is on my personal wish list (hint hint friends)

11.Balm Balm Hibiscus Facemask(R215)

I have heard such amazing things about this mask, and Balm Balm products are a great gift this Christmas! They are green and eco-friendly, and so amazing for your skin! This Hibiscus mask is a favourite of Cassidys, so check her review out and add this to your Christmas list.

12.Forever New Travel Wallet

Any lady needs this in her life- the travel wallets from Forever New are incredibly handy. Inside they have partitions for your tickets, passport, receipts and documents as well as space for anything else you want to put in there- phone, money etc. It’s a great size so it’s big enough and not bulky and Forever New offers a variety of designs. They retail from R350-500, and are a great gift!

13.Locitanne Delicate Rose Set (R365)
Personally I love this brand, and this little gift pack will be a great stocking stuffer and look great under your Christmas tree. This will work for any lady starting with your sister and ending with your sons English teacher.

14.Mr.Price Sleepwear

It has cats on it, everyone should just get it.

15. eos Lip Balm(R75)

I think anyone and everyone should have one of these babes in her handbag. This handy lip balm is shaped like a sphere (just my maths exam talking here), which makes it very easy to apply onto the lips. They have just recently become available in South Africa, so get them while they’re hot!

16.Bobbi Brown Deluxe Lip and Eyes Christmas Palette

I can’t. I just can’t. This is so beautiful. I want to laugh and cry at the same time. Cry at how expensive it is (over R1300 if I remember correctly) and laugh because it’s so gorgeous.

17.Cute Mugs from Typo

I know everyone always says that mugs are a lame gift, but I think they are awesome. I drink tea and coffee 24/7 so I am always running out of mugs, and come one, how cute is this one?

18.The Body Shop Glazed Apple Bath Sprinkles (R130)
Every year The Body Shop releases a limited edition of products for Christmas, and every year I fall for it. This years one has the scent of a Glazed Apple and it smells exactly like that-delicious! Bath sprinkled are a cool way to bring in that scent into your shower hour, but you should check out all of items from the collection!
19.Nike Roshe Run(R899)

Another item of my own personal wish list- how hot are these babies! Not only are these great training shoes, but they also look awesome paired with a dress. Yes I said a dress. I never thought I would see myself ever wanting a pair of sports shoes, but this hot model and the interesting colour are making me go yes, yes, yes!

What items are on your Christmas Wish List this year?

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