Today I am talking about shoe trends for winter. Last week I attended the “Give Me Aldo” event for the launch of their new winter collection. The campaign images are stunning- everyone is dressed in plain black as it is all about the shoes. We were also asked to dress in our best black attire for the event with our best pair of shoes.  As Aldo puts it “GIVE ME ALDO is a demand, a desire, a rallying cry – it’s a declaration of effortless style for everyone. So stand up and say GIVE ME ALDO”. 

Here are my favourite picks from the event and the trends in footwear to look out for this season
1. Sparkly Heels

This trend is always a favourite of mine. I love anything shiny and sparkly and these shoes are to die for. They are not “tacky” and the sparkle is not overdone and you can paint the town red in a pair of these beauties. Swoon

2. Oxfords and Loafers

No longer limited to men’s wear, loafers are the new “it” shoe of the season. Personally, I have always been a fan of them and the way they look with boyfriend jeans. Pick a neutral colour such as beige and rock them this winter.

3. Sneaker Wedges

Yes this is still a trend in South Africa this winter as witnessed by these pairs. I am not a big fan of sneaker wedges (the whole hybrid of the sneaker and the wedge confuses me) but this grey pair might convince me to just give them a try.

4. Wild Animal Print


Animal Print will never go out of style and it just keeps getting bigger every winter. Cheetah and Zebra prints take centre stage this winter with the good old leopard print not far behind it.

5. Chunky Boots

These babies weren’t available at the store yet, but this is the big trend in boots this wear. The buckle detail on the boots is an absolute must, and I especially love the silver-on-black spin.
Here are a few more gorgeous pairs I wouldn’t mind taking out for a night on the town.

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