We all get excited when we do something for the first time (get your mind out of the gutter people ;)). And it’s the same with blogging, you get your fair share of “firsts” that you get excited about. Your first 100 followers, your first media event, and your first press drop. Well recently I got to  experience my personal blogging first- an out-of-town media trip. I know well-seasoned pros get tired of brands flying them up and down- the novelty does wear off and the flying is exhausting. But since this was my first media trip I was excited(even though I hate flying)- Woolworths flew me down to Durban for the launch of the girly wonderland that is their brand-spanking-new JTOne store.
I can see why Woolworths wanted to fly me down- the store is my playground! It is girly, it is pink and it is filled to the brim with one of my favourite things on the planet- cute underwear! JTOne has been part of the Woolworths lingerie and lounge wear section for years, and has now launched two stand-alone stores in Durban. I have loved the brand from when I was a teenager(I have been wearing the JTOne build-in support tops since I was 15) and the JTOne stand always catches my eye when I am shopping inside Woolies.
The store looks like a pink wonderland, and it makes you feel like you are right at home. There are cute pink cupboards all over the shop that reveal racks of bras and panties inside them, girly quotes all over the walls and strawberry and cream bonbons in the jars with an inviting sign that says “Eat me”(of course I did).
JTOne not only offers underwear but also sleepwear, lounge wear and work out gear.
We were given a chance to shop the range and in the vain hope that if maybe I have pretty gym clothes I will actually gym, I bought this pink work out bra and matching sweat pants. The gym is yet to see all of this gorgeousness but hey I still look cute wearing this while eating chocolates on the couch (I’ll work out after I get back to Joburg, I promise).
At the launch we were treated to pink champagne and pink-inspired food. We were also able to print our Instargam pics by using #JTOneVibe and the Nifty250 team was on hand to give the prints out to us (check out their website here).
The best part about the JTOne store and the brand- it is totally affordable. No expensive lingerie here, the store is set to make your dreams come true at a low cost. There are 3 for 2 specials on the panties (each retails between R50-R90), and a buy 2 and get a discount on the bras. I paid R125 for each bra, and the quality and the fit is amazing.
Lounge wear retails between R100-R250, and the workout gear is in the same range.
I know what you’re asking- when is this heaven launching in Joburg and Cape Town? There is no definite date set yet, but soon! The store has done amazingly well so far (no surprise) so expect this cuteness to come your way soon. For now you can get your hands on the JTOne range inside select Woolworths stores and at Musgrave and La Lucia Mall in Durban.
Thank you Woolworths for a serious day of fun! (Except the flight back, I almost cried from the turbulence 😉
Fabulous Fezokuhle and hot mama Crystal from New Hipster Style
We all loved our Bag Full Of Love!

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