Shopping my face off with Woolworths!
Just before my trip to Ballito, Woolworths invited me to the best thing I have yet to experience with my blog- a shopping spree! If you know me and have ever been to my house you would know of my love for the brand. Their food is simply magnificent and I primarily buy from there which is a far stretch for a student but nothing beats Woolworths fruit and my favourite desserts (malva pudding mmm). As for Woolworths clothing, I love the new direction which it has taken. When I was in school Woolworths was still considered a more of a “conservative” brand where you could buy your staples but it wasn’t as much fashion forward. Now you can go into Woolworths and have your wardrobe sorted- it is fresh, fashionable and fabulous!
Woolworths invited a few of their favourite bloggers for a winter High Tea and a trends presentation before the shopping. Due to my varsity commitments I wasn’t able to be there for the first part (this whole studying thing keeps getting in my way ;)) but Woolworths has you covered for this winter. From leather to faux fur and to tartan, you will find everything you need in there.
So what did I choose? I was a little overwhelmed with all of the amazing choices! The Woolworths in Clearwater Mall is HUGE and boasts every range that Woolworths has to offer. Studio W is my most favourite from their in-store brands so I headed straight there. I picked up five items that I think are must-haves for winter.

1. A Classic Coat
 Yes South African winter might not be as hectic as the winter in Russia, but it still gets pretty darn chilly and you need a beautiful coat (or three) to get you through winter. I knew I didn’t want a white coat- I know myself and I can be little Miss Piggy sometimes and spill everything and anything on myself (one time it was even pen ink). So I tried on every other coat Woolworths had to offer- and there was a lot of choice! But the moment I put on this beauty- I just knew. It is so beautiful and soft and embodies femininity for me. It has a cowl-neck that you can adjust into a normal one, and reaches my calves in length. Something like this is going to take me through lots of winters and you need something as classic and stunning as this coat in your wardrobe. R999 from the Studio W range.

2. A Little Lace Dress
Just because its winter, doesn’t mean you should stop wearing dresses! I have always loved lace detail for its sexiness and femininity and this long sleeved black dress with lace inserts is just perfect for a winter date night. I’ll pair it with tights when it gets a bit cooler, and let me tell you that the picture does not do justice to how this dress looks on a body. I’ll be doing an outfit post with this ASAP! R550 from the Studio W range.

3. Boyfriend Jeans
These are good for any season and any day. The Woolworths RE: Jeans range has theee best jeans in the country and anyone will tell you that! The jeans are great quality and super comfy- I almost feel like I’m wearing leggings in them! I chose the boyfriend style because I felt it was time for me to stop stealing Steve’s jeans as my boyfriend jeans and get my own pair! R399 from the RE:Jeans range.

4.Black Boots 
Boots are the most important winter item for me because my feet freeze in like a second and the moment my feet are cold, I’m sick! I wear about five pairs of socks at a time in winter, so finding a good pair of trusty black boots was essential for me. These beauties were only R550 and they are really good quality- which I need because I kill a pair of boots every winter. My previous boots which I took to Russia in December were thrown out by my parents because apparently not even a hobo in Russia would wear them (I’m not lying these were their exact words). So yeah I needed a new pair and these are a perfect fit with anything. 

5. A Bright Blouse
This was a bit of a stretch for me as I don’t normally wear blouses, but I fell in love with this one the moment I saw it! The bright yellow is set to bring in some colour into a dull winter, and paired with some boyfriend jeans, killer heels and a statement necklace makes for a prefect look that works from day to night! Keep an eye out for my outfit post next week 😉 R350 from Studio W

What do you think of my picks? I love the items that I picked especially considering I was under pressure!  I will be featuring all of these gorgeous pieces in my upcoming outfit  posts of course, because I am obsessed (especially with the coat!) What would you choose if you only had an hour to roam Woollies?:)
Have a fab Thursday!

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