Hello you beautiful people! I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter weekend! I spend mine with my boyfriend and then my Russian friends- on holidays like this I really do miss home quite a bit. It was so lovely to get to speak Russian again for a bit while eating delicious food! The past month has been non-stop for me and I am really pushing myself to the limit and I love every minute of it, but I am also super excited to get away this Friday to the beach for a whole week! But this week I still have plenty of fashion news, beauty reviews and outfits to keep you busy with.

A week and a bit ago I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the Mr.Price VIP Event. Mr.Price always hosts the coolest events and has some awesome and affordable fashion so I was ecstatic to attend one of their events. I have to give a massive shout out to Rowena from the Secrets and Stilettos blog for referring Mr.Price over to my blog- I love how friendly and kind the blogging community can be!I attended with my friend and fellow blogger  Leanne and we had a night filled with fashion and fun.

About the actual event- it was just as awesome as I expected. Even though it was held just inside their massive Sandton Store, the organization behind it was perfect! We got to view Mr.Price’ winter collection while enjoying a “s’moors” bar. It was the coolest thing I have seen as you came up to roast some marshmallows and then dip them in a variety of sauces. There was also a cappuccino and macaroon bar (yum!) and we got a little something something from Mr.Price to shop their latest collection with. I got a very pretty “I’m A Dreamer” jumper which is going to be featured in tomorrow outfit post. I also got one of their new cute tote bags which only cost R20 a pop and all of the proceeds from them go to the Red Cap Foundation.
Their winter range is pretty awesome and the best thing is that it is on a budget. I am a student and I struggle to afford fabulous pieces sometimes, but luckily Mr.Price always has me covered. Trends also come and go every winter so it’s nice to invest in a trendy piece that will have you looking chic this winter without sending your bank account into overdraft. After all, who wants to be sitting with a trend-piece that is not in fashion anymore next winter that cost a fortune (I have done this before and lesson learnt)?
I picked out a few items that I think can take you through this winter in some serious fashion.
1. A Leather(or Pleather) Biker Jacket(R329.99)- This item will actually last you many, many more seasons and it always looks fab in summer over a pretty floral dress for that edgy feel.
2. A Statement Tee (R49.99) – Personally, I love statement tees. This “Limited Edition” one is so cute and has a fab price.
3. Faux Fur(R349.99)- It’s no secret that I have been loving faux fur this season and I don’t even think it’s a trend- I really think it’s here to stay. This colour is perfectly feminine and will look gorgeous on anyone.
4. Funky Earrings (R29.99) – Because we all need to have some fun this winter even though it freezing.
5. Black Boots (R199.99) – A wardrobe staple, no matter which shape you like it in. I have never seen a huge “trend” with boots because they take you from season to season all the time. The black ones are especially a must-have because they go with everything! With such a steal of a price I hope to own these black wedge boots, ankle boots and thigh-high boots by the end of the winter (please, Steve??)
6. Something Tartan (R99.99) – Like I have mentioned before, tartan is huge this winter. However it is just a trend, so pick out one piece for this winter and play around with it. This dress is cute and will work nicely with tights, leggings, heels, flats and so much more.
7. Funky Leggings (R99.99) – I love wearing leggings to varsity because it is just so comfy! But you don’t have to keep it boring with plain old black pair of leggings, switch it up with a funky pair like this one that has unicorns on it!
8. A trusty scarf (R49.99) – Sometimes all I want to do is tuck my face into a nice warm scarf and spends the rest of my day in it. This polka dot one is so cute!
9. A Fabulous Hat (R129.99) – I had to include a hat because they are just my new obsession (watch out for tomorrows outfit post!).
And since I am a cat lady I couldn’t resist doing a little feature on all of the immensely cute things that Mr.Price has with cats on them! All together now- Awwwww

1. Cat Onesie-R139.99
2.”Call Me Right Meow” Sweatshirt-R89.99
3. Cat-printed leggings-R49.99
4. Cat T-shirt-59.99
5. Kitty Pyjama Top-R59.99

Now hop on over online to Mr.Price  online website or visit one of their stores to shop the fabulous winter pieces!
Have a fabulous Tuesday!:)

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