On Thursday night I attended the Carolina Herrera and Edgars event held at their beautiful Sandton City store. I felt so fortunate to be invited, because I knew in advance that the guest of honour at the event was none other than the beautiful Carolina Herrera de Baez herself. I have been a fan of the brand for a long time, and while I might not be able to afford the stunning clothes from the brand just yet (Luminance, I’m coming for you soon!) I do own a couple of the perfumes, my favourite being the 212.
How pastel perfect is this set-up?
The set-up for the event was so pretty and pink; I could have stayed to live at the store if I could. The beautiful table and the chair, had mailboxes next to them filled with Carolina Herrera branded envelopes and letters. Why you may ask? Throughout the night we were asked to write a wish for a loved one which then was kindly mailed off (yes the old fashioned way!) to the recipient. Of course, this being 2013, we also had the option of filling the form out on an iPad which was then emailed through.
Apparently we were not supposed to sit on the props.Oops
The main reason for the event was the launch of the “Support With A Smile” foundation. “Support With A Smile” is a breast-cancer initiative that focuses on palliative care for the patients who have been diagnosed with the disease. The foundation provides physical, emotional and spiritual support for the patients.  The MC of the night, beautiful Karissa Samuel was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was just 28. Early detection is key, and it is never too early to start checking your breasts. One in five women in South Africa are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, and for me as an aspiring statistician, it is a very scary and daunting statistic.” Support With A Smile” has donated 5 million rand to the cause, and ALL proceeds from the limited edition Carolina Herrera Pink “Wish” fragrance go to the foundation.

With the beautiful Karissa who is a breast cancer survivor.

Carolina Herrera de Baez is just as beautiful in person as you imagine her to be, if not even more. After speaking to us about the foundation, she tied a pink ribbon onto the beautiful, wire lady (whose name I forgot but I remember that it translated to “Love”). The purpose of this is to make a wish for someone you know or might of known who has been affected by the disease. I made sure to tie my ribbon onto the lady too, and made my wish.
Pink ribbons to tie onto the lady.
After the presentation we got to take a photo with Carolina Herrera de Baez. She was incredibly graceful and took a photo with each and every single person who wanted to take a photo with her. We even managed to chat to her for two minutes, and she was so kind and classy. She was a little bit sick on the night due to her constant flying and air conditioning in hotel rooms (yes she told me that, we are basically besties now) and soon after everyone was done taking photos she left.
With the gorgeous Carolina Herrera de Baez.
The night went on with delicious snacks and lovely conversations.I met a fellow SA Bloggers reporter on the night – Ayabonga who was there to support his friend Karissa. I haunted the dessert table, I mean if you are going to have a macaroon tower expect me to guard it and eat it throughout the night. 
Please dont ask me how many of those macaroons I had, the answer scares me.
At the end of the night we all got a miniature “Wish” fragrance to take home and a few other cute goodies (one of them being a breast cancer cupcake which the boyfriend ate the second I got home)

Make sure to check out the Carolina Herrera Pink “Wish” fragrance at select Edgars stores. A huge thank you to Edcon for hosting me at this wonderful event.

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  1. This looks like such a wonderful event, and anything for a good cause is even better. You look so pretty and the macaroni tower is quite awesome, I think i would have had half myself 😉

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