Last week Thursday, I attended the Skip Fashion Exchange event courtesy of my friend Leanne over at Arum Lilea. I’ve heard of the event before, but didn’t know what to expect. How it works is that you bring 3 of your own fashion items that you no longer wear or love to exchange it for someones 3 items. They have to be in good condition and high-fashion style. The brands that are welcome are anything from Woolworths and up, so this gives the event a luxurious feel.
Pretty girls: Loren from Minkys, Ali from Seams and Silhouettes and Fawn from Deer Delights
It was held at a beautiful venue called The Urban Tree in Sandton. On arrival is when you hand in your fashion items and a Skip consultant categorises them into three different categories- Pink, Blue or Silver. It all depends on the item and the condition that its in- I brought along some pink Zara skinnies that no longer fit me well(to be honest they never did), an H&M dress that didn’t do any favours for me and one of my old Victoria Secrets bags since I got a new one on my recent trip to Moscow. My items were categorised into two blue dots and one silver, but the consultants very were careful to not giveaway which one is the “best” colour to have. None of them are, it depends on the style that your item is(but I liked the clothes and accessories that the silver dot had to offer the best ;))
The venue was set-up beautifully, the purple décor was simply stunning. We were treated to a sit down three course meal which was all kinds of delicious. Between the courses, Bonang MCed the event and we were told more about The Princess Project. It is a wonderful initiative that helps underprivileged girls get a matric dance of their dreams. By sharing The Princess Project video on Skips Facebook page you are donating R500 towards the project. I was inspired by the ladies behind the project and I’m donating one of my matric dance dresses(I had two made because I couldn’t decide on the colour) and I hope it will help one girl and make her matric dance memorable. Alexis Chauffe from the Espresso show told us about the spring trends that are coming in next season and Lloyd Cele serenaded us with his love ballads.
After the dinner we got to the shopping. Now I scored some awesome stuff, but hey this aint my first rodeo. I am a professional shopper and I know how to sass out the items that will work for me. Here are some tips for you if you are planning to attend the next Fashion Exchange event
1.       You get out what you put in- If you would like to get something awesome on the night, make sure you bring something nice in return. Your clothes will be categorized in accordance to the style and the condition so don’t bring something that’s completely out of fashion and expect to get something amazing. Bring timeless items like good jeans, nice shoes and pretty dresses.
2.       Know what works for you- By now you should be able to asses an item to see if it’s going to fit you before you actually try it on. The event is on a first-come first-serve basis so you need to know straight away if the item you are taking off the rail will fit you, otherwise you might miss out on something nice that’s in your size.
3.       Be quick- The decision making process is very quick here. I wore shoes that I could easily take off and try on new shoes with. There is no time to take off boots and socks because time is a big matter here. When I got to my allocated rails, I immediately could see what would work for me and what wouldn’t. Also don’t get what you already have in your closet. There was an awesome black biker jacket from Zara that I wanted to get, but I kept in mind that I had something similar at home already.
So what did I end up getting? A gorgeous baroque-inspired Topshop dress, leather Nine West peep-toe heels and a leather Levis jacket. I love everything that I got and can’t wait to start wearing it! Now I know what you asking- when is the next event and how can I get it on this? The next Fashion Exchange event is on the 21st of August and it is being held at the stunning Katy’s Palace Bar. Here is the all of the information, but tickets sell out quick so book!
And make sure to check out Skips Facebookpage. Leanne is one of their style ambassadors so show her some love on their Facebook page.

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