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Happy Friday guys! We have finally arrived at the weekend and it’s also the last weekend for November! Personally I can’t wait for November to be over, it’s been a tough month and I am so ready for December and the holidays! I am sure most of you have heard about a little brand called Fossil, and many have bought something from there over the years. This month Fossil celebrated their 30th anniversary, they are officially in their dirty thirties 😉

fossil 30th
I went into one of the Fossil shops recently and took the liberty of snapping up some photos of the items they have available, so you can get the idea of what to get your loved one for Christmas 😉 I recently got a gorgeous Fossil watch for my birthday (see it in my post here) and Steve has always loved Fossil stuff so I have gotten him everything from his wallet to his travel bag from Fossil. Let’s take a look at the Fossil timeline (see the play on words here ;)) and check out how the brand has grown and what it has available.

Gorgeous Fossil Watches
Gorgeous Fossil Watches

A company is born. Fossil set up shop in a small office suite in Dallas, Texas with just five employees.

fossil 30th

Tinspiration strikes! The first tin packaging for Fossil watches appears with designs inspired by mid-century American graphics.
Fossil has always loved the open road. Fossil launches their first transportation-inspired watches for the Coupe De Lux line and packages them in collectible car-shaped tins.

fossil 30 years

It’s time to expand: a range of leather wallets and belts for women joins Fossil’s stylish watches.

Fred makes an appearance for their 30th anniversary as well
Fred makes an appearance for their 30th anniversary as well

Has it been 10 years already? To celebrate, Fossil releases a commemorative watch featuring Fred Fossil, the very special ‘50s-inspired friend.

Fossil Sunglasses
Fossil Sunglasses

The future is looking bright! Fossil introduces a line of sunglasses for men and women.
Did you know it’s hip to be square? This year, the traditional Fossil tin gets a brand-new shape that becomes a packaging icon.

Fossils cast of characters grows, with pop culture watches featuring the likes of Darth Vader, Snoopy and Mickey Mouse.

fossil 30th

Fossil gets their passport! Fossil’s first accessories store opens in the Netherlands.
The turn of the century calls for head-to-toe dressing, Fossil style. Fossils clothes for her and for him are the perfect backdrop for our iconic accessories.
Fossil gives fans the chance to create a unique timepiece all their own with the launch of our design-it-yourself Watch Bar.
“What vintage are you?” becomes the brand tagline.

Fossil Jewellery
Fossil Jewellery

Fossil jewellery launches in the U.S., accessorizing the nation with vintage-inspired bracelets, necklaces and earrings.
Fossil partners with Cone Denim, located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Today, Fossil purchases more than 40,000 yards of American-made fabric each year for our men’s and women’s jeans.

Fossil is moving on up: their new award-winning HQ was made to be a creative incubator for Fossil talent, complete with an amphitheatre for events, a full library and our colourful tin filled hundreds of classic designs.

fossil 30th
Combining Swiss engineering with American ingenuity, “Fossil Swiss,” their first Swiss-made range of luxury timepieces, makes its debut.
It’s time to celebrate 30 years of Fossil, so they invite design-minded fans to create their own travel-inspired watch tins for 2014.

Isn’t that a timeline worth celebrating? Fossil watches are beautiful and last such a long time, so I would really keep that in mind while doing Christmas shopping! I also really liked their accessories range including these tablet covers!

fossil 30th

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