Father’s Day is happening this Sunday, and it is an amazing opportunity to honour our dads. My parents were both incredibly young(my mom was 18 and dad was 21) when they had me which gives me the added bonus of having really young parents, right now my mom is 42 and dad, 46. Because they are still so young, it gives me a chance to fool around with them as they are still big children at heart, especially my dad. He loves to goof around with my brother and I, and he is very competitive so he gets very sad when we beat him at Xbox or even card games!
I share many special memories with my dad. I remember him taking me to the beach my whole childhood and playing around with me in the water for ages and he is the reason I love swimming and being at the beach so much. I got my blue eyes from him and the curly texture of my hair- he might be bald now but when he was young, he had crazy hair! I also get my love of delicious food and Mercedes Benz from him. When I got my first car, my dad went all out to surprise me, I had no idea I was getting it!
Check my dad breaking it down to Justin Biebers “Boyfriend” on the Xbox Kinect!
Of course as any dad, he is super over-protective of me. All of my ex-boyfriends were always immensely scared of my dad and who could blame them? A 1.95 meter bald guy with a heavy Russian accent, telling them he will get out his AK-47 if they didn’t bring his daughter back on time is rather scary!;) My friends were always convinced my dad was part of the Russian KGB or mafia and my dad loved playing up to that role when we were younger to amuse us. But in all honestly he is just one big cuddly bear who loves dancing on the Xbox Kinect and singing the karaoke.
To celebrate father’s day, Africology will be giving one of my readers a lovely gift to give to your dad: an Aloe Flex Serum to say Thank You for being such a great dad! Now I am sure you have all bought goodies to spoil your dads already with, but now you can make dads day even more special! We all own our fathers many “thank-yous” in our lifetime for things we often take for granted.
 To enter simply comment and tell me why your dad is the best, and the best answer will win!:)
Some Terms and Conditions
1. Because I know I will get all teary-eyed I will not be picking the winner- that task will be handed over to le boyfriend(Steve)
2. The competition will close on Sunday the 15thof June at 12PM and winner announced the next day.
3. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of the pirze
Best of luck!

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8 thoughts on “Giveaway- Win A Gift For Your Dad With Africology This Fathers Day {CLOSED}”

  1. I have said for a long time that my father has always given me and my two siblings the best of him, of whatever he had, unfailingly. Nothing is more true. My father’s best is his love in action that reached miraculous proportions. I could speak endlessly about how wonderful my father is. Above all else though he is this, a loyal, smart, compassionate, loving man and the most amazing loving self sacrificing father I have ever seen: He love’s me and my two siblings more than anything else in the whole world. I know how lucky I am to know that. #SUPERDAD

  2. My dad is the best because he has raised me up to be the very best I can be…and for that, I am ever grateful. There truly is nothing else a lady can ask of her dad than selfish qualities that stem & form the foundation of a great human inside out. Yes, he has done more than words can ever express for me, and sacrificed so much to see that I get only the best that life has to ever…In addition to than that selfless nature of his, he has instilled in me a spirit of strength, perseverance, hard work, independence and goodness…be good and do good is his motto, and that has worked so well in my life. All of my life achievements are because of amazing God fearing parents that I have been blessed with, and I am eternally grateful for them!

  3. My dad is the best because he is not only an amazing Father, but an amazing Grandfather and Husband too! My dad has always been a great example to us all. My parents have been married for 34 years this year and that’s pretty awesome I think..he is still so much in love with my mother and shows us everyday how to be a loving partner. I hope that ill be as blessed with my own hubby! He came from a poor family and was never able to study or do the things that he really wanted to do and because of this, he has been dedicated in making sure that we were all given the opportunities that he never was. He is so selfless and doesn’t ever ask for much. He sent us to great schools and always encouraged us to study further.. He even furthered his studies a couple year ago and Im so proud of him! he is incredibly hard working and always there to support us and cheer us on. I have a lot of respect for my dad. He has brought us up with strong values and I would not be the person that I am today, without him.. He is my hero and I love him completely! He has always shown us love and watching him interact with his grandkids is so special, its so true that grandparents have a special bond. You can really see the joy he has and I love that even at his age, he will still run around and take dives to catch cricket balls when playing with the kids.. he is still young at heart and his family is everything to him.. Id love to be able to do something for him to show how much we appreciate all he has done and to spoil him a bit, he really deserves it!

  4. My dad is the best he’s one of those guys who can do anything. He can make or fix anything, which is incredibly handy. He’s also the best because he is taking such good care of my mom, who ill. He works a full day, but always has time for a phone call from me. He has always encouraged my creativity, so I have him to thank for my curious mind. I love my dad! Even when he drives me crazy!

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