Happy Friday guys! I hope you had a lovely week- I have been busy studying and moving blogs! Sheesh it’s a mission and a half but I really hope you like my new layout and format when I reveal it next week! Yesterday I attended a lovely brunch at The Hyde Park Hotel for the Miss Veet South Africa campaign. I have been using Veet since I was a teenager, and asked my mom to get me some of their infamous hair-removal cream. Being a woman means taking good care of yourself and that’s what Veet is all about!
The face of the Veet campaign is the stunning ex Miss South Africa Melinda Bam. That woman is really gorgeous beyond words, and if you think she is gorgeous on TV, wait until you meet her in real life! Melinda talked us through the different types of Veet products and what it means to be a woman. Being a woman is hard at times; you have to be a wife, a mother, a sister, look good and work like a horse. So Veet is your little moment of me-time when you can relax and take care of yourself.
Veet is currently running a fab competition that is called Miss Veet South Africa. Its almost like a beauty pageant, but it’s not, because Veet is not looking for a model. Veet is looking for a wholesome South African girl, who is smart and sexy, relatable, and mostly a lot of fun! There are amazing prizes up for grabs, starting with a R120000 modelling contract for the winner! All you have to do to enter is to hop online onto www.veetbeauty.co.za and enter by uploading a full-length and head-shot photos of your gorgeous self. The entries are still open until the 22nd of October (hurry girls!) and the Top 20 girls will be selected and announced by the judges on the 3rd of December. From there on online voting will commence until the 16th of January after which the Top 10 will be chosen. Now that’s when things get really fun! The Top 10 girls will be flown to the Veet Villa where they will undergo mentoring by top SA celebs and models, starting with fashion and ending with fitness!
There is R250000 worth of prizes to be worn overall, so why don’t you give it a try and enter? Maybe you haven been dreaming of a career in modelling all this time, and this could be your lucky shot! Either way you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by entering.
And speaking of prizes, lets kick thing off by spoiling 3 of my gorgeous readers with some Veet things to pamper yourself! I am giving away 3 of these Veet hampers which include a couple of Hair Removal Creams (for different skin types, so which ever skin type you are, you are covered), Waxing strips, and some chocolates and treats to keep you pampered! Enter by commenting on this post and telling me what is your favourite way to pamper yourself?
Winners will be announced next week Friday, so good luck ladies and have an awesome weekend!


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43 thoughts on “Giveaway+Beauty News- Miss Veet SA Campaign”

  1. I like to pamper myself by treating myself to a massage and then a hair cut and blow wave 🙂 By the way I LOVE your shoes in that pic! Where are they from? xxx

  2. Theres is nothing more awesome than fully waxed arms and legs! That silky smooth feeling lasts soo long and the most awesome part is doing it in your own home i also love pampering myself with amazing scented candles and my very own eye patch to chill

  3. My favourite way to pamper myself is by painting my nails.. Its so incredibly relaxing and it looks great afterwards too!! I also like to have a nice hot bubble bath.. I just soak and let the stress just dissolve 🙂 and then snuggle up on the couch with a romcom on and a delicious cup of tea 🙂 Its just the best thing ever!!

  4. my ideal day of pampering is waking up late, staying in my pajamas all day, sending my husband out to buy all the chocolate and rent all the movies, and just staying in bed all say with all these goodies and watching (scary) movies with my husband while sipping on a glass of moscato….

    the pampering part is getting him to do my nails and give me the most ahhmazing back and shoulder, feet & legs massages ever!

    i have my own little pamper king in the comfort of my own home and it can be as long as i want it to be.

    maybe if i win i can get him to wax my legs too? he might enjoy hurting me too much but it’s always better when someone else does it, right?? 😛


  5. I pamper myself by applying my exfoliating face mask, then relaxing in a bubble bath, after my bath, I use my foot spa & relax while watching a series or movie while munching some chocolates 🙂

  6. There is something about having your hair done which is awesome… so first i would go do that, then come home to a huge bubble bath with nice oils and things inside and a glass of wine

  7. I would have to say a looooong warm bath, I don’t get to do that a lot though, I have two boys, and I think most mom’s would agree with me that taking a long bath, along with most other things, isn’t always possible with kids. 5Min in and they knock on the door asking why I take so long lol. So when I do get the chance, I put bubble bath in, light a candle or two and relax with some red wine and just soak it all in for all it’s worth. xoxo

  8. REHANA SEEDAT email: dseedat@telkomsa.net My guilty pleasure is fruit-scented shower gels. I always have five to seven different ones to chose from. A night of just pampering myself is nice. Bubble baths with candlelight, a facial and a manicure, all with some soft music in the background.
    Just pick up a new shade of OPI polish, a hair treatment and a new facial product. I invite some friends over to enjoy the day too. I use things I already have at home, such as nail files, nail clippers, pots (for facial steaming), and moisturizing cream to turn it into a legitimate beauty treatment spree. Try to fit in a facial, manicure, pedicure and hair treatment. “I believe in the value of a good massage, whether weekly, biweekly or once a month. Yes, it can be an extravagance for some, but even if only once a month, you are taking care of your whole self — body, mind and spirit. I would be lost without it.” I also love to Pamper myself every day through meditation. Meditation helps me relax. It reduces my anxiety, depression and stress. Meditation also helps build my self-confidence, improves concentration and productivity and provides peace of mind. One of my pampering habit is reading books. I take a bowl of popcorn, a glass of cold ginger ale and my books, and I lay in bed and read and eat. My dog Blue sits on the end of my bed, and we have a very peaceful afternoon

  9. Firstly, I am a new follower to your blog and really love reading your posts – especially the event ones. Thanks for keeping us in the loop 😉

    Back to business..During the week, my days start at 6am and I am home by 8pm earliest with my lifestyle so my favourite pamper moment is when I am able climb into my candle lit bubble bath at night before bed – yes very romantic – with some Broken Bells or Alt J tunes in the background and my book/magazine in hand 🙂 …..and then my puppy starts scratching on my door to come in and oh so slightly takes the tranquil energy away…so lets say the pamper sessions are very short lived 😉

  10. This will probably make you laugh, but my favourite way to pamper myself is by shaving! No kidding, I always took it for granted. But since having Axl, shaving my legs has become a luxury! You know, once, I had even forgotten to shave the other leg. Seriously though, I love taking some time out, leaving the kiddo with his father while I take a full, pampering shower. That includes a face mask, full shave, a fruity body scrub (MY FAV) and a hair treatment of some kind. P.S. This would be an awesome win, especially as by using Veet, you can spend less time worrying about hairy legs and more time enjoying life, with my little man!

  11. Omg would so love to win this! My favourite way to pamper myself and indulge is giving myself an at home facial, putting on my most comfiest pjs, settling down with a tub (or 2) of haagen dazs or magnum (sometimes both! lol) and watching a funny rom com. When the ice creams done I give mysefl a mani/pedi with the funnest pink nailpolish I have and hey presto, pampering complete!

  12. I pamper myself by taking a long bubblebath after a hectic day at work, i then put my feet in a footspa and give myself a facial aaaah the joys of pampering 🙂

  13. A good old pampering session starts with a bubble bath and then a facemask in my bathrobe while watching a movie. I usually go for either confessions of a shopaholic or what happens in vegas.

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