Who doesn’t love sexy cars? And who doesn’t love sexy fashion? I am taking part in the blogger challenge which included picking out my favourite Jaguar vehicle from their Bryanston branch(oh how I wish I could keep it forever) and pairing it with a fabulous fashion item from Hyde Park Corner shopping centre. This what a bit of a struggle because how am I supposed to pick out just one car and just one fashion item?
Now I don’t know much about cars, but shoes, that I know. I loved this Jaguar from the moment I saw it! I am a Mercedes girl but Jaguar was very convincing into getting me to fall in love with their cars. I chose the XF because it is a hint of sport with luxury. The car comes with heated seats-awesome, I love for my bum to be warm. It also features cruise control and climate control. Of course I am a woman so how do I choose a car- by its colour of course! Ha-ha hey at least I put a lot of effort into choosing the fashion item!
For me only one store exists in Hyde Park –Luminance(read all about my persona shopping experience there over here). I headed straight there to find a fashion item to pair my sexy XF with(yes it is mine…in my dreams). What else is luxurious and sexy? A pair of Manolos! I could already imagine myself climbing out of the Jaguar XF in my new Manolo Blahniks and for extra luxury I added the Diane Von Furstenberg clutch with the playful gold lips… Oh the life!
Visit the Jaguar Store in Bryanston and say hi to the XF for me! The sexy Manolos and the clutch are available from the Luminance store.
Excuse me while I rob a bank to get the car ;). What do you think of my pairing?

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