Hi beauties! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I took it easy by just going to the movies and watching Despicable Me 2(so cute!) and having dinner at the lovely Zaakira (from Princess of Jozi). Let me just say her butter chicken is to die for! Now, it’s back to varsity for me, so this week I might be a little scarce as I have to settle back into my varsity routine.

Technology is hating on me again, and my laptop has said it’s final goodbye and died. Fortunately I recently got a new one, but it doesn’t have all of my editing stuff on it, so I am making do with what I have right now!

Last week, I saw Imka’s post on her blog, Glamorous Glitter, about different ideas for organising your jewellery. I love jewellery and I love make-up and have lots of it. So I decided to re-organise my things and these are the ideas and storage solutions that I used.

This is the most common and easiest way to sort our your jewellery. The fact that the plastic is see-through makes it easy to see and decide which jewellery I want to wear. I got both these plastic containers at Dis-chem. The earring holder can hold up to 50 pairs of earrings. The necklace holder stores up to 15 necklace’s and you can turn the little wheel inside and pick your necklace for the day! These are very handy although not very exciting. They both retail at 60 bucks and you can find them at most Dis-chem stores.

I love these jewellery stands as they are a bit more fun. The lady-figure stand I use for my headbands and got it for my 18th birthday from my friend. She got it from a place called “Urban Angel” and you can find similar ones at drug stores. The other stand I got from Sass Diva, and I love that I can store a whole bunch of stuff on it. There is space for earrings and rings and bracelets. All depends on how you make use of it. You can get it from any Sass Diva store for R100.

I got creative on this one. Since I hardly ever bake cakes, this stand was just lying around idle with no use. I put some of my favourite perfumes on it, and don’t they just look so pretty? Also, as you can see on the pic, I used my Rihanna Rebel Le’ Fleur bottle as my bracelet holder. It looks like it belong there if you ask me 🙂

This is my new favourite way of storing make-up! Being Russian , I drink tea aaaall the time. I drink tea for breakfast, lunch and dinner(and before bed). So you can imagine how many teacups and tea sets I have at my house. I use the teacups for my lip glosses, brushes and mascaras. The saucers I use for eye-shadows, blushes and some more jewellery. My pretty poppy tea set was not getting any love standing on the shelf, so now its on my night stand and I love it.

I hope you get some ideas on how to store your goodies!

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