I really wanted to do a haul post, but clothes are incredibly difficulty to photograph on the hanger! And since all of the things that I got in Russia were mostly bought by me with Christmas cash (I am becoming very difficult to buy presents for lately) or were given to me as a gift for SA and Russian Christmas and New Year’s (which is when we give presents) I thought I would just do one post with all the goodies. The clothes I got are not included in the post but I will be doing some outfit posts with some of the things that I bought soon! 🙂
I got so incredibly spoiled this year! The biggest present I got was of course the DSLR camera that Steve and I got a month before Christmas. Since we got the camera we said we weren’t going to do any other big presents but he still spoiled me with some of the little things I have been wanting for ages. Also I did a couple of “Box swaps” with some of my fellow bloggers, and got spoiled even more. So without further ado here are most of the goodies!
I <3 The Body Shop 
Honeymania Shower Gel , Ginger Sparkle Hand Set, Ginger Sparkle Body Shimmer Lotion ,Honeymania Soap(X2, lucky me!), Honeymania Lip Balm (again x2) ,Honeymania Spray, Honey Mania Body Scrub, Ginger Sparkle Set (includes shower gel, body butter, body polish and soap).
I had a few of these things of my Christmas Wish list and was chuffed to get so much! Honeymania and the Ginger Sparkle were the two scents that I was after this time, and now I have almost everything from both ranges! I was also very happy to get the Honeymania Spray while in Moscow because unfortunately they don’t sell them in South Africa for some reason.
 Little Luxuries

DKNY Pure Rose EDP, Marc Jacobs Honey EDP ,Korres “Holiday in Greece” Set, MAC Private Party Lipstick, Dior Eye Designer Set
What would life be without some little luxuries? My parents not only spoiled me with money but also got me the Marc Jacobs Honey Perfume. My mom knew how much I wanted it from the last time when I visited them and got it for me as a gift. My Godmother and Granny spoiled me with some money (yes even they think I am too difficult to buy for) with which I got the stunning Dior Eye Set and the Korres Holiday in Greece Set. While shooting two of my new MAC lipsticks went MIA- The Crème de Nude set and the Flair For Finery, so pictured here is only the Private Party lipstick(Flair for Finery was found later in one of my handbags, but Crème de Nude, please return back to your place).

Make Up and All Things Nice  

Big Blue Facemasks, H&M Make Me Blush Blusher in Tawny Rose, Bobbi Brown Cheek Tint in Sheer Cherry, Lush Santa’s Lip Scrub, Glitter Body Spray ,Essence Nail Polishes in Miss Universe and C’est La Vie , Essence Lip-gloss ,H&M Mascara

I love beautiful lingerie and Victoria’s Secret was my first stop. I caught a bit of the Christmas Sales so I even manage to get something nice from Agent Provocateur. I won’t show you guys what’s in the packets as that would be a little bit much, but the packets themselves are so pretty they deserve to be in the picture. I am currently testing out the H&M Make-up which is pictured here. One of the coolest gifts that I am looking forward to trying out is the Glitter Body Spray (in the pink box that looks like a perfume).
Bath Time Bliss 
I love Sweet Candy Treats Set, Lush Angels Delight Soap, Lush Magic Wand, Sephora Chic Marshmallow Bath Set, Lush Bomardino, Lush Comforter, and Lush Father Christmas Bath Bomb
I am a huge fan of long baths and will sit in the bath until I look like a prune! Thanks to these guys bath time just got a whole lot sweeter!
And Everything Else 
Cape Union Mart Travel Pillow, Forever New Phone Case, Sass Diva (Zuri) Necklace, Big Blue Owl Emery Board, Forever New Brush Set, Lily Rose Cat Ring Holder and Ring, Mr.Price Home Kitty Pen, Forever New Macaroon Ring Holder, H&M Kabuki Brush, Gavin Rajah for Legit Clutch

I got lots of cute little things here and there. The travel pillow was amazing helping through the day’s long journey to Russia and the phone cover is my new obsession.

Sexy Bag and Sexy Shoes 

I have been lusting after this Blackcherry bag for ages and you might notice it in my upcoming outfit posts! It is so beautiful (but I must say, not very comfortable). The shoes are from the Rihanna for River Island collection.
And my last special gift was from my mom! She made me a whole little “magazine” that had funny stories about me in it and she put some of my favourite pictures in it. It is something very unique and special and she knows how excited I get every time I’m featured in a magazine, so this was an awesome and thoughtful gift for me.

Also, I am obsessed with this bear! It is the official mascot of the Winter Olympics coming up in Sochi this February, and I don’t care how old you are, you are never too old for a cute teddy bear 🙂
What was your favourite Christmas pressie this year?:)

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