Who doesn’t love receiving beautifully packaged things for Christmas? Fun and creative packaging is part of the Christmas fun and I love seeing how malls and stores get decorated around Christmas time. This year Kiehl’s has partnered with Peter Max for a very funky and exciting collaboration. Peter Max is a German-born, world-raised, and New York-based artist who rose to fame and prominence in American pop culture when his art captured the imagination of the ’60s generation. He is a pop culture icon and one of the world’s most celebrated living artists. Peter’s signature style of cosmic characters painted against wildly vibrant colours make him one of the most influential artists today!


The product that got “Peter-Maxed” this holiday season is the luxurious Crème de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter, and yes it is just as delicious as it sounds! The design on the product is inspired by his work, “The Cosmic Runner” and it is a ray of sunshine that will burst through traditional holiday colour palettes. He draws from a wide range of subjects, capturing the beauty of nature with sunsets over mountains, rolling landscapes, and puffy clouds. Holiday Flyers dance across the sky carrying Kiehl’s gift boxes, winged doves flutter around the edges representing peace and goodwill, and two holiday trees celebrate the spirit of the giving season. Now tell me you wouldn’t like to receive this for Christmas!


The product itself is absolutely fantastic, and it became an obsession of mine from the first time that I tried it. You can guess from the words “Whipped” in the name that it has a very interesting texture, and you’re right! This luxurious air-whipped body butter delivers rich hydration for a wonderfully indulgent (and addictive!) experience. It is quickly absorbed to help skin retain its natural moisture balance by preventing moisture loss. It has wonderful ingredients such as Shea Butter and Jojoba oil, but the ones that stand out for me are the Soy Milk and the Honey. The crème has such a fluffy texture, it almost looks like a Christmas pudding! It also has the most divine smell. Weird enough for me(and many of my friends that have smelled it), it smells like coconuts! My one friend even asked me why I smell like a yummy lamington the one day! It’s a win on all accounts- amazing ingredients, lovely texture and delicious scent. You need this in your life!


The Peter Max collection will be available until the end of December, but you can get your hands on the Body Butter all throughout the year(yay!). In addition to the products, the fun holiday design is also translated throughout in-store merchandising as well as gift packaging, including the gift boxes, shopping bags and limited edition scented hand creams! There are 10 Kiehl’s stores nationwide now so no excuses as to why you shouldn’t own this. The Whipped Body Butter retails at R685 and if you have tried it, let me know what you think of it!:)



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