Hello lovelies! I hope everyone had a great weekend! It is rather chilly in South Africa as we are headed into winter next month! With winter approaching there are new make-up and nail polish collections for the winter season poping up in stores! Winter might be short in South Africa (Thank God) and I might dislike it but at least I can enjoy all of the pretty darker coloured polishes and make-up! Today’s Manicure Monday post is all about the gorgeous polishes from the Evening Opulence by Gucci Westman for Revlon collection. The whole collection has recently hit our shores (it was out in the rest of the world for their winter in December) and I will be sharing my thoughts with you about the rest of the collection later on in the week. For now, let’s get onto the polishes!
Now I love nail polish but I am not very good at applying it, so excuse the not-so-even paint job done in the photos. I am an amateur when it comes to applying nail polish and I really do struggle to get it on smoothly. Nevertheless, we are not here to talk about my lack of skills, but to look at the pretty, dark tones of these polishes.

My favourite colour from the collection. It is a silver gun-metal polish with little hints of micro gold glitter inside it. I think it is super pretty and would make a great addition for a night out. The formula was very easy to apply on and it dried almost straight away. I used one coat and no top coat here, and already you can see the colour and the texture of it is phenomenal!


A very deep, maroon red with a bit of sparkle in it. I love such deep hues in winter and this colour will look great from the boardroom to a dinner party. It is not a “in your face” shade but yet it is very noticeable and classy. I am a bit sad that this collection only came to us now, and not during the holiday season, because this would have been a great addition to the Christmas Party! One top and no top coat  in this photo, and again you can see the colour come through perfectly.

3. Elusive
I thought this was just a normal gel-based polish as well until it started drying up and I realized that this one has an opaque matte finish! The polish is blue-black based and has little pieces of turquoise glitter in it. The glitter struggled to show up the photos, but it is definitely there. Personally, the matte effect is not for me and I would wear it with a topcoat as I think it looks a little bit chunky without it. I just used the one top coat here and you can see that the turquoise pieces look a little bit lumpy. If you love matte finishes this is for you, however I would use a shiny top coat.

4. Seductive

This is such a gorgeous shade, but I really struggled with the formula! It is just a normal gel-based one but it is really thick so you have to be super good at applying nail polish to get this one right. It looks like a deep plum shade with just one coat on, however when you do two coats it goes to a very rich berry colour. I put two coats on for this photo because one coat looked really uneven and lumpy. This took forever to dry but I like the end result.
So what do you think of the polishes? I love the shades, they are just so right for winter. While I don’t think I’m going to wear Seductive as I can’t apply it so nicely (and volunteers?) I am definitely putting on Rich for the next night out on the town! 🙂

The polishes are available now at all participating Revlon counters nationwide and retail for R94.95 each

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