Hello guys! I hope you have had a great weekend! This was pretty much my last weekend of winter this year (there is one more weekend technically, but I am off to Sochi on Saturday!), so I have spring cleaned my closet and gotten all of my spring stuff ready! One of the things that is ready for spring are my nails! I have recently been introduced to a new brand of nail polish called TOY, and if you have seen me in person recently you would have heard me rave about this brand and this colour!

Toy Nail Polish was started in 2012 by a fellow fashion lover Carolina Palaez. It is cruelty free and eco-friendly, all of the bottles are made from recycled glass! It has recently arrived in South Africa, and I have heard and read so many great things about it that I was really curious to give it a try. There are over 40 colours available in South Africa including the Diamond Cocktail top coat and the Artic Matte coat.There is also some bling for your nails as well as nail caviar-I gave the caviar a try, but I am useless. I have just learned how to paint my nails like a human, so one step at a time 🙂

I picked this beautiful purple shade called Lila to try out(it is from the Gelato Heaven collection), along with the Diamond Cocktail top coat. I have mentioned before that I am not the greatest at painting nails- I often mess up and have to clean up all around. But the brush was so easy to use, that I did a near perfect paint job (excuse the nail shape and cuticles, that’s another story).
 The colour came through perfectly and smoothly after 2 coats, and dried within a couple of minutes. My favourite part that makes me rave about this polish- it lasted a whole six days before a little chip appeared on one of the nails- and it was the one nail that I messed up with cotton wool and was too lazy to re-do. I mean when have you heard of a nail polish lasting for so long without chips? Eventually I took it off by day seven because I needed to change the colour. TOY promises that with a base coat and a top coat your polish will last eight days, and five days without the base and top coat.

I am absolutely smitten with this brand, and I have ordered another shade for the summer (Mandarina). Usually I dread painting my nails because I never get it right, but this was so easy and simple that I did it again last night. The polish retails for R99, and is available to purchase on the TOY Nail Polish website and on Spree.

Definitely give this brand a try! New collections are released every two months to keep up with the latest trends, and right now there is an awesome Toy Maaji collection, which was collaboration with the Australian swimsuit brand and includes fun summer colours!:)
Have a beautiful Monday!:)

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