mias van der westhuizen

Happy Monday guys! I hope you had a great weekend and are now ready for the day, but just in case you didn’t here is something for you 😉 I am starting a new feature on the blog- Man Crush Monday. I mean come on ladies(and gents?) who doesn’t like looking at some hotties on a Monday morning? Also I will be doing a Woman Crush Wednesday post about women who inspire me, and both these features will be up monthly! What do you guys think? Let’s start todays feature off with one of the country’s hottest male models-Mias van der Westhuizen.

mias van der westhuizen

Mias is currently an international model as well as a medical student from Cape Town. The gorgeous Lorinda(I think I need to a WCW post on her!) asked Mias some questions so you can get to know Mias a bit better, and here he is!

Mias, in the past year you have been associated with a few international campaigns and even appeared in New York Fashion week. Why do you think you can sell brands and tell us more about the work you have done.
When brands decide on whom to use to sell their brand it comes down to a few things. Firstly they have a preconceived idea of what they want, this could be skinny or muscular, blue or brown eyes etc. there is obviously not much to do about this either you fit the look or not. If you do fit what they are interested in then the competition is still tough. There are lots of models all good-looking especially in cities like New York, Paris and London. After narrowing it down brands take into consideration things like personality (is the model fun to work with) previous clients, country of origin and social media following. I think I have been lucky enough to pick up some good clients and always try give my best when on set and make sure I am reliable and on time. So these clients know what they get with me and will then if they like you keep using you. I am lucky to have quite a few great regular clients internationally and locally. But one of the proudest experiences must have been walking for incredible Fashion designer and friend David Tlale at New York fashion week.

We have seen some pretty awesome images of you in Calvin Klein underwear making the rounds on social media, are you working with them and will we see you at their launch event in Cape Town?

mias van der westhuizen

Currently I have work in London and Hamburg until the 2nd of December so unfortunately I don’t think I will make the launch however in this industry you can never be sure where you will be next. Calvin Klein is my brand of choice when it comes to underwear and it is great that they are launching in SA. I have done some online work for Calvin but it definitely is a Campaign every male model dreams of ticking off the list so we can only wait and see.

What is the limited for you while being photographed? Will you go naked?

The limit always comes down to a bunch of varying factors like the rate, client, and photographer. But I think the simple answer is no I am fortunate to have a very protective Mother agency in Ice Models Cape Town.

How does a 24-year old deal with the fact that a good part of the industry refers to you as a sex symbol?

Sex symbol? I’m just a normal 24-year-old guy that feels no one person is better than anyone else. But I am fortunate enough to have friends that if I ever did start considering myself a sex symbol I am sure they would be quick to sort me out.

Would you ever consider being in this industry for example as an actor or presenter?

Acting and presenting definitely interests me. I am a Medical Student at University of Stellenbosch and strongly believe in disease prevention and healthy lifestyle interventions over concentrating on treatment further down the line. I believe TV is the perfect way of getting the message out to a large audience and it honestly is surprising how many small changes in lifestyle can lead to a better quality of life. Acting interests me and is challenging and I always am up for a challenge. Survivor is the kind of challenge that also interests me.

What kind of things are you being passionate about?

I believe I am a very passionate person. If I am not passionate about something I am quick to lose interest. I am very passionate about my family and friends and will do anything for them. As you have read I am passionate about a healthy lifestyle and positive lifestyle interventions I would love to be a lifestyle coach one day and feel in this manner it would be easy to improve the lives of many. I am passionate about travelling and believe life is about building relationships and experiences. I am also passionate about fashion and feel that perhaps in the future I will have something to contribute to the vibrant South African fashion scene.

Are you dating anyone?

I am not dating anyone…. This year’s travels have been hectic.

What’s next for you?

Well I am waiting to hear if I will be allowed to place my degree on hold for another year and keep the momentum currently going for me internationally. The university has been very supportive so far. If not however I will come finish the last 2 years of my degree with a smile on my face, as I am very privileged to be studying such an interesting course. Long term watch this space am hoping to make an impact in this beautiful country.

mias van der westhuizen
You hear that ladies? He is not dating anyone… You can stalk erm I mean follow Mias on Instagram @MiasvdWest, and I look forward to seeing more from him. Also if you are attending the Calvin Klein event in Cape Town on Thursday, enjoy! Major FOMO my side 🙂

Hope this made your Monday a little bit better 😉


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