Fathers Day is coming up this Sunday, and I don’t know about you, but shopping for my dad(or any guy for that matter) is always rather tough for me. So many gifts are very cliche- socks, pyjamas, boring guy stuff. However I think any dad always appreciates a nice cologne and good skin-care- my dad always asks me to bring him anti-aging creams, and he goes through them like mad! You can now also spoil your dad with some awesome skin-care from L’oreal Paris Men Expert range,by entering this giveaway!

l'oreal men expert

Up for grabs today is a fantastic skin-care hamper that your dad will love! It contains a Ice Cool Face Wash, which the boyfriend has been trying out, and is already addicted to. He says it has a lovely scent, and his skin feels fresh afterwards. It doesn’t contain granules,so it’s very gentle on the skin, the texture of it is very soft, and it lathers up quickly. In conjunction with the face wash, he has been using the Hydra Energetic Moisturizer which is also a winner. Winter in Jozi is so cruel and so dry, that this is a must! The boyfriend is VERY fussy with his products, so to get a thumbs up from him is very rare- this means that the Men Expert range is the real good stuff.

l'oreal men expert

The hamper also contains a No Shine Quenching Gel, which is great to use after shaving as well as a Lifting Moisturizer for the dad who is starting to get concerned with signs of aging, like my dad. Men also need to look after their skin, it’s not just for women 🙂 To wrap up the hamper, there is even a little bag to fit all of the goodies in. Isn’t that lovely?

l'oreal men expert

To enter all you have to do is comment on this post and tell me what your plans are for Fathers Day. I’ll pick the winner on Sunday morning, so one lucky dad knows he is getting spoiled!:)

Good luck!

18 thoughts on “Win A L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Hamper For Your Dad!”

  1. We always have a family lunch, with all the aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. The ladies cook and the men laze about (pretty much like every day lol)

  2. We will be going out for lunch with my folks, to a lovely restaurant in tha KZN Midlands. It’s also hubbies birthday, it’s a double celebration.

  3. will be cooking something special for all the fathers including my father that have managed to raise kids single handed and make their hardwork a reward.

  4. We will be spending the day with my father having a lovely outside braai and loads of fun with my children as unfortunately my husband is working so we will have to surprise him on another day .

  5. Well i dont see my dad because off campus i stay far away from home, although i will phone hin, amd we will skype! And watch a movie he puts it on on his side and i watch it here

  6. Since my mum is a single parent , I always celebrate both Mother’s Day and Father’s day with her . On Father’s day , I would start off this day by serving her breakfast in bed , then whisking her off to Day Spa for that much needed pampering and then ending off the day with a light supper and sun downers at Primi Piatti.

  7. Oh how awesome 🙂 this would be such a great pampering and spoil for my hubby. My dad lives far away so unfortunately wont get to see him and spoil him like I wish I could. Would love to spoil my hubby though. He is an amazing father to our two little ones. He works incredibly long hours to provide for us.. most weekends he has to work Saturday too so he is usually so tired on Sunday. To spoil him, ill let him sleep in.. he never gets to do that! Ill cook him a breakfast and the kids and I will all cuddle up with him and have a relaxing day.. watch a movie or two and then later go out for a nice supper 🙂

  8. Since my dad is originally from the UK, his Fathers Day treat is Cornish Pasties. These pies come from a small town in the UK called Cornwall and are alot of effort to make. Myself, my mom and my sister make these for my dad every fathers day. We enjoy an imtimate lunch all together as both my sister and I live rather far from home.

  9. Breakfast/brunch made by all the kids and grandkids later playing croquet on the common,father’s day is such a treat with all the family coming together, a day filled with love and fun

  10. Will be starting the day off with breakfast in bed with the presentation of Fathers Day cards and then full control of the remote will be handed over for the remainder of the day. For lunch I’m going to be making a delicious Leg of Lamb roast with potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli with cheese sauce and some creamy milk tart for dessert. We will end the day off watching the sunset together ♥♥

  11. Having a Family Braai-My dad takes his title of “braai master” seriously, so I may have to fight him over this one. I am Planning an all-braai meal and getting those tongs away from my dad. I am letting him kick up his feet and drink a beer while I do the cooking. And if he really can’t stand to let someone else take the braaing helm, at least handle the menu planning, grocery shopping and prep work for him. He’ll appreciate that all he has to do is fire up the braai 🙂

  12. My dad is back home in PE and I’m in CT, so we celebrate all of the special days in one day when myself and my two brothers are all home. Usually it involves lots of food and drinks.

  13. My father is in PE, and I stay in CT. Unfortunately celebrations will be different this year. We usually have a big family lunch together, with lots of food and good times.

  14. My dad is late, but I will be treating my hubby who is a brand new daddy to a picnic with his favourite pizza and drinks 🙂

  15. We’ve just had twin boys so I’m still in hospital with them bit thankfully my older boy already wrapped and made his present before I had to go in! I think we’ll eat a little take out round my hospital bed! Xxx

  16. Today is Father’s day 🙂 My kids have made a card for my husband & he is finishing off his masters paper. My kids chose a notebook & pens for him as a present!!

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