UPDATE- Congrats to Sammy Parish on winning a palette!

Happy Monday guys! It’s the start of a new week, and in my mind it’s officially autumn (it won’t actually be cold for another 2 months, but I like to start preparing early). As I mentioned last week, what is the point of working on a really cool brand, if you can’t share the love? As a Monday treat on the blog, you can win yourself one of the Naked palettes! The choice is yours, and if you ask me that’s pretty awesome!


In case you didn’t know how the Naked palettes were started, Wende asked 3 of her confidants what colours they would take with them to a desert island, and that’s how the first Naked palette was born. It was then followed by a selection of taupe shades in the Naked 2, and rose gold coloured hues in Naked 3. Last year saw the launch of Naked Smoky, which I have been playing with the last week for the media dinners, which offers a selection of more dark and dangerous colours, with a hint of neutrals. Which one would you just love to own? Well, the choice is yours!

naked vault

I’m not going to make it too difficult too enter, because really I just want to make one person super happy! To stand a chance to win this awesome prize, you can comment on this post and tell me why you want to win! You can also tweet me (@irinadoman) your answer or comment on a Facebook post. I’ll ask a friend or le boyfriend to pick a winner, because I get  attached to all the entries! 🙂


The competition will end on Sunday (the 13th) and the palette choice is subject to availability.

109 thoughts on “Wanna Get Naked? Win Yourself A Naked Palette!{CLOSED}”

  1. I love eye shadows, its one of my addictions, have ice cream tubs full of eyeshadow packed in my cupboard

  2. I’ve been wanting a Naked palette for AGES (specifically a Naked 1). I’ve always seen it being used on youtube and keep lusting after it & the many many looks you can create. Unfortunately I’ve never been able to get my hands on one. I’m really passionate about makeup & beauty and I’d love to finally own one as I feel like it would be almost all the eyeshadows I need and I wouldn’t have to spend money on silly drugstore shadows anymore.

  3. Ive wanted to try the UD naked palette for as long as I can remember but yeah dont think its gonna happen. Im too unlucky!

  4. I need a Naked (the 1st only) in my life. Bronzes and nudes are the only shades that I wear on my lids so I will make good use of the palette. I missed out on buying one on Rubybox and bought the LA Girls Nudes because I read that it’s a door for it, but it’s no where near as good.

  5. I want to win a naked palette, because the eyes are the windows to the soul and I need to show everyone with the naked palette, how gorgeous my soul is!! 🙂 🙂

  6. I can not tell you how excited I was when I first heard Urban Decay was coming to South Africa! I think I was 14 the first time I went online to try and purchase something off of their website and then came to the realization that my pocket money just won’t do 😛 now, 21 years of age, my dream came true when I heard my brand I’ve been dying to get my hands on for years and years is finally coming to town! & now I have the opportunity to win the good! Hell yes! So I’m definitely holding tumbs, and wishing, hoping it’s mwah:)

  7. I would love to win a Naked 2 palette, I saved up money last year, and tried to buy one last year from a reputable SA online store – I was very excited when it arrived until it came to light that the palettes that they were stocking were fakes.
    I was crushed and had to return it and even though the online store said they would source the original and resell it at the price that I paid for it, they still have not had any in stock.

  8. I really suck at make up, I have 5 things in my make up kit (seriously) its MAC BB cream (luckily I don’t need much in terms of coverage because I don’t suffer from breakouts) two eyeliners (curse of the 90’s emo kid – the blacker the eye make up the more hardcore the girl) Mascara and cover up. I really want to do a make up course this year, as I never really learnt or rather got taught/shown how to do make up and I have heard these are THE palettes to have. 🙂

  9. I would love to win a Naked Palette with Bronze neutrals. I’ve never used Urban Decay before as it was only available overseas and our lovely rand/dollar exchange is just not suited to online shopping internationally. I’ve been seeing a lot of ladies using combinations of the palettes and the colors seem to truly blend in making it a must have, especially for beauty and makeup lovers like me.

    Hoping I win!

  10. Your post was the first thing that popped up when I opened my FB this morning, and I could not be more excited about a competition. I bought myself the Naked2 about 2years ago and I am just so inlove. The eye-shadow is long lasting, rich colours and just makes my eyes pop! I would love to win this as my naked pallet is finished ? I will be hokding thumbs everyday!! Thank you for giving al the make-up crazy ladies a chance to win this awsome prize ??

  11. I have wanted a naked pallet for ages now and when I heard it was heading to S.A I could not stop smiling. I have watched so many YouTube tutorial with the naked pallets and I just love them.ps congrats on your new adventure I wish you all the!

  12. The reason why I would think that I should win is because I am a full on makeup junkie. I am so into makeup that I have become an Avon representative. I have always tried to get my hands on at least one of the naked pallates but unfortunately my pocket money doesn’t allow it. I love reading all your blogs and to me you are one of those women who I personally look up to because you make the younger generation of today inspired by being yourself and that we don’t have to pretend to be someone we not. You also inspire us by your fashion sense and I personally believe that I can learn a lot from one person. I can truly say that I have learnt a lot from you and because of that I am considering blogging myself and going into makeup along with my varsity studies so thank you for inspiring me and many other women and for being yourself basically.

  13. Oh definitely the Naked 1! I have always wanted the original and considering I don’t even own an eyeshadow palette., it would be perfect!

    Would love to win this so I can finally experiment with shadows and learn how to apply them properly ?? there are so many tutorials but they use this palette because of its amazing-ness-ess so lol, I would finally be able to try them out. Also they are so versatile with all skin colours and since I’m a brown girl , I’ll love it all the more 🙂

    Fingers crossed xx

  14. I would be the happiest person if I won a Naked palette. I have always lusted over these gorgeous eyeshadow palettes and have fallen in love with the original Naked palette when I bought it from overseas, had it posted to a friend in London and got them to deliver it to me 3 months later when they came to visit. The obsession was real 😉 I would absolutely love to win the rose gold hued palette as I have been playing around with some very cool makeup techniques lately and think those colours would make a bold statement! PICK ME 😀

  15. Would love to win the original Naked Palette because it’s THE most coveted cult beauty product that everyone must own!

  16. Considering my live for all hings makeup, i would love to win the original naked palette. Cant beat anything that was made 1st. The colours are just right for winter and perfect for fluttering these tired eyes. Be Bold, be beautiful, be a naked palette kinda girl.

  17. I would absolutely love to win the smokey eye palette… I absolutely love urban decay and it is always on top of my wish list… to win the smokey eye palette will mean never having to pack so many different things when travelling as everything will be in one place!

  18. I can not tell you how excited I was when I first heard Urban Decay was coming to South Africa. I’d love the Naked 2 palette. Holding thumbs.

  19. I am a new mommy, and for the last year I have been lazy, I mean REALLY lazy when it comes to makeup and fashion in general. But this month, with a lot of inspiration from your blog, I decided to pull myself out of the rut and do a major overhaul on my makeup bag! Out with the old, in with the sparkly and new! I also happen to be seriously obsessed with all things rose gold (hint hint nudge nudge). XoXo

  20. I love nudes! with all my heart!

    The naked palette compliments my skin tone and I love the “is she wearing make-up” look for my everyday look.

    I would love to own the Bronze or the Taupe hued palette and just be glowing and looking gorgeous all day everyday.

  21. I have written a little poem to express how badly I would like to win this competition. 🙂
    There was a girl who loved to get ‘Naked’,
    she found the whole experience quite sacred.
    Now which to choose….1, 2 or 3
    It is so difficult to see,
    but the one for me
    for definitely Smokey.

  22. I have always been a Massive Fan of Urban Decay and the quality of their shadows and other products. I love the option of the rebellious shades against the more conservative shades in their palette. I’d love to Win any of the three, UD has made it so convenient to have several different looks in a single palette and I love the fact that it will never be necessary to take more than one eye shadow palette on holiday.

  23. To be honest i haven’t tried any of the Urban decay Naked palettes. I’ve always heard great things about them but the price tag attached to it was always too high. I’ve however tried the dupes (The LA Girl Palettes) and i am in love with them. So to win this would be a dream come true for an eye shadow GEEK like myself … Go ahead choose mehhhh!!!!

  24. I Would love to win the Smoky palette and grow confident in creating the smoky eye, go bold or go home! I LOVE Urban Decay. I shall collect them allllllll.

  25. Firstly, I’ve been researching the Urban Decay products over the past year and I was seriously considering importing them this year (as it’s my first year of working) and I was willing to sacrifice for the import costs but I am SO happy that they’re going to be in SA so soon!!

    I would love the Naked Palettes as I started Youtubing towards the end of last year and there’s nothing quite as great as shooting a Urban Decay Naked Palette tutorial! I’m slowly growing my makeup collection so that I can keep posting new videos with different looks and I think that these palettes are so perfect because you can create so many looks with them.

    If I were forced to chose, I would choose the Naked 2 Palette because I love using cool tone shades and there’s just something about those colours that just call at me lol.

    This is such an amazing giveaway, thanks for keeping us excited until the official release in May! 🙂

  26. Omg, Naked 1 please! When you look up the meaning of make up obsession my name always comes up! Jokes aside, Urban Decay Naked pallets are really so lovely. Each pallet has like a theme so to say. Im absolutely crazy over my Naked 3 pallet, its my go to pallet. The rosegold hues are my favourite giving me that subtle look and also that no make up, make up look. I would really like to try out Naked 1, and experience the difference. Thanx Irina for taking out the time and always writing for us such amazing blog posts! Xx

  27. It was love at first for UD and I…pity it would be a long-distance-we-never-see-each-other kind of love. So when my husband and I travelled to London last year, I was determined to make it the most romantic first date ever!!!! The date was perfect…there was nonstop laughing and smiling (I felt beautiful) but I couldn’t shake the one most important thing! I couldn’t afford her (this was just when the Rand crashed). It broke my heart. I left London without her. Since our magical encounter, I’ve spent me days staring (someone else would probably call it stalking) at her online. Irina, do you want to play a part in giving my story the fairy-tail ending it deserves? I hope so….

  28. I would loooove to win an Urban Decay palette, especially the naked palette ? ? The reason why is because I have been lusting over this brand for so many years. Sadly I haven’t been to Europe or America to get one and I doubt I will even if I miraculously did go there because my student budget won’t allow it. I hope that I get picked so I can finally own an urban decay product. Being a newbie blogger is fun but i only do drigstore brands since it is affotdable dor me, so I hope I will be able to have access to such a high end brand. Fingers crossed ! Xx
    Rivania | The Glam Unicorn

  29. I have been using the Naked 2 palette for about a year now, and consider it my absolute favourite eyeshadow palette. No other brand comes close to UD when it comes to quality, blendability and colour selection. I would love to get my hands on the original Naked palette though…..such georgeous colours!!

  30. I have been after these palettes for ever! I love them and excited that urban decay has come to SA..as much as I’m excited I’m also scared that I might not be able to afford these gorgeous palettes:( I even bought the LA girl nude palette as the colours look similar but it’s still not Urban Decay..i would reaaallly reaaallly loooovvve to win one of those stunning palette please make my dream come true:)

  31. Oh this is so Awesome! I would really love to win the Naked 3 rose gold coloured hues, but they are all so Gorgeous it is truly a hard choice!

  32. I have let myself go for quite some time now , but hav recently changed my attitude and transformed myself , I started gym , got a good haircut , bought some new clothes all that’s left to transform is my makeup , to own Urban Decay is every womens dream , how I long for my dream to come true

  33. NAKED in Bronze-Hued Neutrals is one of the palettes I would need to take along with me anywhere! To be able to don a look that is naturally glowing for day and then turn it up a notch when being a nocturnal attendee to events, adding smoke with use of blending Darkhorse and Hustle. The mixes of matte and illuminuous colours result in ‘PERFECTION.’

  34. I’ve never worn eye shadow in my life purely because I have no idea how to blend it. You know those memes about applying make up incorrectly and being like Nailed it!!? yeah that’s me. But Im so excited that this brand has come to SA! I’m going to make it my mission this year to perfect my eye shadow look. Wish me luck x

  35. You or Le Boyfriend is going to choose the winner? Ooohhh getting all shy *blush* lol but back to the answer for you well I’ve never owned the one and only NAKED before and would love to color me some NAKED cause what’s a girl without her palette yes? 🙂

  36. Urban Decay is my absolute obsession, all their products just look too gorgeous for words. I can hardly wait for them to come to Cape Town. I think my shopping list is as long as my arm already.

  37. If I had R5 for every person that told me this is the BEST palette ever…. I’d probably be a millionaire! For reals…., but I wouldn’t mind having just the palette 😉

  38. This is just too beautiful, I seriously need to get some Nars in my life! I would like to win the Nars Palette because sad but true, I do not own not one Nars product and the colours in this palette reflects the colours that I am into 🙂 I have also shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs). Fingers crossed.

  39. Oops….I put Nars *BLUSHING*!!! But it must be Naked palette! I would like to win the Naked Palette because sad but true, I do not own not one of their products and the colours in this palette reflects the colours that I am into 🙂 I have also shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs). Fingers crossed.

  40. The UD pallettes are just so pretty and I would love to own one of my own. I have the Naked 3 dupe but I long to know how much better the real deal is. I would love any of the 3. I don’t have a long special story. I just would be over the moon if I managed to have my very own.

  41. I neeeeed these pallettes! It’s the holy grail of eyeshadows. Eyeshadows brings to life, the windows to the soul! And these are just a MUST HAVE for any makeup lover!!

  42. I love these colours, autumn and winter leave me feeling blue this is a definite warm up and uplifting product to have for the new season! I would love to try this brand Naked!

  43. I’ve been a fan since 2007, right after I went make-up mad because my mom finally let me use mascara (gateway drug!!) They asked me what I wanted for Christmas the next year and I said Urban Decay! I got the pore perfecting primer potion, the ultra definition loose finishing powder, and a loose powder foundation that’s since been discontinued. Fell in love with ALL of them. When I went to the States myself Christmas before last, I got the B6 prep spray (my favourite thing in the entire universe) and the make up setting spray, but I was trying to buy less make up so I skipped the palettes – and immediately regretted it. NAKED is the palette to end all palettes! It’s also the one that got away. Need. Need now. 🙂

  44. How exciting that Urban Decay finally brought their brand to South Africa. I’ve been dreaming about their palettes. Always reading great reviews about their products. Would be such a treat to win one 🙂

  45. I am super excited for the Urban Decay SA Launch and I have been keeping an eye on your Instagram since I first heard the news. I would really love to win the Naked Smoky palette. It looks so amazing and the packaging looks so luxurious and edgy. I am already saving for all the amazing goodies that will finally be available to us <3 It would definitely make my year to win one of the Naked palettes 🙂 xx

  46. I really love makeup and have been trying different things to highlight my eyes – which is my favorite feature! ? I love these colors and think you could make amazing blends and really create a natural make up look, which I think is really important ? I would LOVE to win so I can add something to my very small collection , as well as I would love to take it on honeymoon coming up ?

  47. I’d *love* to win the Naked 2 palette. It’s my biggest regret not buying it last year, when I was in Spain!

  48. I would love to win the Naked 3 palette. I am a sucker for anything rose gold! I have listed after this palette for so long and it would be my dream to own it! x

  49. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the Naked 3 pallette! Its so flipping gorgeous and I love the neutral and Rose gold colors! Those eye shadows are so beautifully pigmented and such soft butter goodness! Every girl deserves to own a UD product esp the palletes….and everything else:D

  50. I would just love to win this. I had to throw out all my makeup, as my eczema had such a bad reaction to it (hoping because it was old!). 🙁 So I am in desperate need of new everything in my makeup kit! Me please!! 🙂

  51. I would love the naked 1 palette, I’ve just started learning to apply make up and after countless of YouTube videos and reviews, it’s clear that the naked palettes are the absolute best and it a must have in anyone’s make up collection. Being a student and on a budget, it’s not that easy to purchase such a quality palette but I would be so ecstatic if I could win one. I’m already so excited about urban decay coming to SA, this would really be the cherry on top.

  52. Wanna get naked? 😉
    By Leigh Wells

    She ran her fingers over the surface,
    Excitement she could not hide,
    in anticipation for all that it held inside.
    She lifted the lid to reveal the allure of colour.
    With a passion for make-up in her heart.
    Make-up she saw as a form of art.
    I life long fantasy, she had to confess.
    Each shade able to enhance her natural beauty
    or turn her into a complete goddess.
    and just like that, a love affair had begun.
    A desire only this could feed,
    What more could a girl need?
    Her perfect match all in one.
    Natural colours in a gorgeous array
    in the Naked 2 pallet from Urban Decay.

    ♡ ♡ ♡

  53. I would love to win a NAKED palette for two reasons: 1. Without jaw-dropping, gorgeously made-up eyes, I feel NAKED, and 2. With jaw-dropping, gorgeously made-up eyes, I wouldn’t mind going NAKED!! heheh heheheh :* 😉

  54. I have been lusting after these palettes for a couple of years and finally ordered on Ruby box when they had – but there was a problem and they over promised – alas I never received one. So i continue to dream. I would be happy with any of them.

  55. This NAKED palette has MY NAME written all over it. OK, maybe coz I don’t have any eye shadow, they are too expensive and NAKED palette 1 or 2 or 3 would look damn good on my honey kissed brown skin 🙂

  56. Wow Irina, you’re just spoiling us from the get-go, aren’t you??

    Well, I don’t own a naked palette, and never us. But I’m always, ALWAYS, always oogling and drooling over those who do and how they create the most amazing looks with them! 😀

    And seeing how Urban Decay is opening around Joburg first, little ol’ naked-less me is going to have to wait extra long because adding one of these to my makeup collection, so you should totally make me NAKED and pick me! x

  57. I would absolutely love to win one of the Urban Decay naked palettes. I have heard so many good raves about it. Please pick me! Pretty naked-palette please 🙂

  58. I’ve seen the hype about the Naked Palettes and have been wanting to try it out. Unfortunately I’m so scared that I’ll end up with a replica version so didn’t know where to get them. So I’m really hoping to win, so I can finally have one palette that will cover all my eye looks!

  59. Naked palettes, all urban decay make up for that matter, is scarce in South Africa. I’ve seen a lot of the naked palettes and their colour ranges online and I think that the colours are classic and timeless, they’re beautiful. It would be an absolute dream to own one of these palettes.

  60. Why I would love to win:

    1. I am a very busy mom of two blessings ( 1 toddler, 1 baby ) taking a lot of my time from morning to evening, then I’m a wife and working mom♡

    2. I always put others (my kids, my hubby, my family) needs before mine, and help where I can♡

    3. With a tight South Africa budget it’s very difficult to pamper and spoil myself with anything. Maintaining household needs, kids necessities, and kids vaccinations (without any medical aid) it’s a big difficulty and responsibility!

    #PS I’ve always wanted to try this!!


  61. Living in South africa to find a naked palette is seriously scarce and expensive . It’s such a heartache for those who can’t live without make up such as me . I’m in love with eyeshadow and always try to match colors . Please pick me . I’m absolutely in love. Would be the happiest person alive !

  62. I have never tried Urban Decay, have always found dupes so this would be SO amazing to get my hands on a actual palette from them, love the colours from palette 2 🙂

  63. I would love to win a URBAN DECAY NAKED palette because every woman should own one and I NEED to own one PLEASE! I want those expensive eyeshadows on my eyes 🙂

  64. Thanks for the awesome post and the opportunity to win!! I am super excited that Urban Decay is coming to SA! I’ve always wanted one of these pallets, but I’ve never been able to get hold of one – ordering from overseas was just unaffordable for me. Since the launch of the smokey eye pallet I’ve just been going crazy trying to get hold of it – who wouldn’t want the option of dark smokey eyes with the added benefit of neutrals. So would really love to win this prize! Good luck to all the ladies entering and happy women’s day – it’s great that one of us will get to win this amazing prize!!

  65. My wedding is in a month’s time but since it’s a very small wedding on a small budget, I’m doing my own hair and makeup. Naked palette 2 would be super to ensure that stand out makeup on the day.

  66. Im a freelancing MUA. Im always on YouTube, snap chat and the gram watching my favorite MUAs give tutorials on all types of looks and trends. the Urban Decay Naked 3 is one of their most popular palettes. while some local make-up brands have similar options, nothing quite gives the same finish. would love the latest Naked 3 for my kit, I’m certain the results are 10 times better and will boost my MUA game way up! Please hook me up!
    -Ms Facebeat Fantastic

  67. Wanna get naked? ?
    By Leigh Wells

    She ran her fingers over the surface,
    Excitement she could not hide,
    in anticipation for all that it held inside.
    She lifted the lid to reveal the allure of colour.
    With a passion for make-up in her heart.
    Make-up she saw as a form of art.
    I life long fantasy, she had to confess.
    Each shade able to enhance her natural beauty
    or turn her into a complete goddess.
    and just like that, a love affair had begun.
    A desire only this could feed,
    What more could a girl need?
    Her perfect match all in one.
    Natural colours in a gorgeous array
    in the Naked 2 pallet from Urban Decay.
    ♡ ♡ ♡

  68. I’ve been an aspiring make-up artist ever since I was 15; watching beauty tutorials on YouTube for hours on end, taking up body painting (leading to me becoming the happy go-to person with many canvases for Halloween), and learning all about special fx through online resources. Being able to transform myself, and others, into anything one wants to be on any particular day, all with the careful consideration of the placement of a few pigments, has always given me such a sense of fulfillment and happiness. Unfortunately with the reality of the real-world and the need to obtain a “real-world” job (as my parents put it), I started working for a doctor and started studying part-time for a BSc in Computer Science – now almost at 21, I still hope that after I finish my degree I can start working in the field of my passion. Urban Decay is the cruelty-free brand that is used by all of my favorite YouTubers (e.g. Madeyewlook), and their reviews of the products have really made me want to get my hands on them. I’ve purchased many dupes of all three Naked Palettes (the best dupe being the L.A. Girl Nudes Beauty Brick – pigments are very similar to the Naked 3 Palette but the texture of the shadows aren’t too great and require solid priming before application to ensure that the colour actually stays on your eyes throughout the day) – but even experimenting with the dupes have made me really want to experience working with/wearing the real deal. Ever since I commented on one of Urban Decay’s facebook posts in mid-February saying “I really wish we had an Urban Decay stand-alone store in South Africa” and they replied with “We will have more information on openings in South Africa soon! Stay tuned…” I have been googling “Urban Decay launch South Africa” every day in hopes of gaining new information about the launch, location/s, prices and product range. Knowing that it will be launching in mid-May, I’ve already started saving so I can get some of the UD products I’ve been dreaming of having (sort of as a 21st birthday present from me, to me). Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome prize Irina, and I know you will have an amazing time working with this brand 🙂 xx

  69. I didn’t say why I wanted to win… Oops! Here goes:

    She stared at her screen and sighed. The tedious hum of the office strangled her creativity…

    So she let her mind wonder…

    She was walking along the quiet beach, sunset amidst. The hues of pinks, oranges, browns, purples and greys soothed her soul. She smiled in contentment. “Oh! What an amazing ombre effect this is! If only I had these shades to create my perfect sunset beach look.” She thought to herself.

    I would love to win this because I have always been a makeup lover ever since I was a little girl. From the age of 11, I discovered the beauty of eyeliner and for the last 13 years, I’ve discovered more and more beauty in makeup. When I look at an eyeshadow palette, I don’t see just shades. I see beauty. I see creativity. I see talent. I see endless possibilities… Endless possibilities…

    In a world that is so focused on telling us what beauty is, create your own definition and start to see beauty in everything!

  70. I need the Naked1 Palette to complete my collection. The first time I purchased the naked palette, I was unfortunately lied to, and told that the palette was original (I had paid R750 for the fake palette thinking it was original) when I had received it I realized that it was fake and the seller would not take it back, since then I had purchased the naked 2 and 3 from authorized retailers. I am currently waiting for my naked smoky palette to arrive so I would totally love to have the naked 1 palette to complete my collection. I am an urban decay junkie, I can now spot fake palettes from a mile away and even wrote up blog posts to help people determine whether their palette is fake or not.

  71. As someone who has only just begun to explore the big, wide, amazing world of eye make-up, I can’t think of a better tool kit to help me along than an Urban Decay Naked Palette. Naked 3, in particular, has caught my eye. 😉

  72. I am besotted with Urban Decay ever since I hauled the Naked I palette all the way from France. The quality is amazing and I love what the brand stands for. I would LOVE to own another gorgeous palette!

  73. I just yesterday bought my first Naked palette (Naked 1) and I can for sure say that IM IN LOVE!! I can’t express how beautiful all those colors are. I’m crazy about gold & glitter and when my eyes sparkle I feel alive. I’d like to win the Naked 2 palette just so I can keep on slaying with my eye makeup. Kisses!

  74. Please pick me I have been after these palettes for so long and really reaaallly want to own one ? please make wish come true please with a cherry on top *puppy eyes* 🙂

  75. Wanna get naked? ? 😉 😉
    By Leigh Wells
    She ran her fingers over the surface,
    Excitement she could not hide,
    in anticipation for all that it held inside.
    She lifted the lid to reveal the allure of colour.
    With a passion for make-up in her heart.
    Make-up she saw as a form of art.
    I life long fantasy, she had to confess.
    Each shade able to enhance her natural beauty
    or turn her into a complete goddess.
    and just like that, a love affair had begun.
    A desire only this could feed,
    What more could a girl need?
    Her perfect match all in one.
    Natural colours in a gorgeous array
    in the Naked 2 pallet from Urban Decay.
    ♡ ♡ ♡

  76. I would absolutely love to own one of these amazing palettes <3
    I've been lusting after them for years and I really know I would get so much use out of any one of them <3
    I really need a good quality neutral palette in my life…I am so sick of other palettes being powdery messes and not pigmented. I know these palettes are amazing quality and absolute must-haves! 😉

    If I could choose I would choose the original cult favourite the Naked 1…but to be honest any one of them would be amazing 😉 xxxx

  77. My reason for wanting a palette would be completely and utterly selfish, and in no way noble or anything haha. Except to say, I have a massive obsession with makeup, UD has been on my lust list forever, I have the naked basics palette that I bought from an instagram seller which I adore – so yes, all it would do is feed my need for more makeup, and perhaps another makeup selfie, which seems like it’s all I’ve been doing lately lol.

  78. Makeup really has some amazing transformative powers – it was one of the big things that helped me through my transition, especially in the early days when I was insecure and unsure of myself.
    In a lot of ways, it’s almost like battle armour – it can help make us feel like we’re a little less exposed, or a little less vulnerable, even when we’re terrified – and that’s something that’s really so empowering.
    I rely a lot less on makeup these days than I used to – but I still appreciate its tremendous power, and there’s nothing like it to make me feel special, strong and confident on a big occasion.
    So I’d love to win one of these fantastic palettes, because I know I have an appreciation for what these products can do, how they are more than simple cosmetics – I understand how they can help us draw on our own inner strength, and that means so much to me.

  79. Why do I want to win one of the most talked about and loved Palettes in the makeup world? Well, the answer is simple… because why wouldn’t I?!? Urban Decay has been a brand that I’ve never been able to get my hands on but that I’ve been dreaming about for a long time now! Even though it’s finally coming to South Africa (which made me have an ecstatic attack by the way), it would be absolutely amazing to win one of the Naked Palettes and to be able to finally tick it off my list of makeup products that I would sell my kidney for! I honestly love the concept of the Naked range because, the way I see it, the products are designed not to change the way we look or to cover up our imperfections, but to enhance our natural beauty and to allow us to be the better versions of ourselves. It is for this reason, and many many more, that I would be so honoured and excited to own one of the beautiful Naked Pallets from Urban Decay.

  80. I’d love to win because I have heard SO many good things about this palette. I love playing with my eye makeup but I have very few neutral shades. This is the best there is so the chance to own it would be amazing!

  81. I would love to own any one of these gorgeous palettes 🙂
    I’ve always heard such great things about Urban Decay’s great pigmentation and specifically how amazing these Naked palettes are 😉
    I would love to be able to build on my very small makeup collection a gorgeous, high-quality UD palette ♡ I love the look of all of them and would be so grateful to win any one of them 😉

    Thanks for a great blog! xx

  82. I would love to win the original NAKED Palette.

    I have drooled over one of these pallets for years! After watching endless tutorials on youtube for neutral looks I was dreaming about a naked palette and some Primer Potion- can’t wait!

    To show my seriousness in this matter I have made a poem for you 🙂

    And one last one 🙂

    For Irina…

    I’m an UD VIRGIN, you might think it’s a SIN.
    I feel so totally NAKED, where do I begin

    I bought a cheapie from a SIDECAR for only a BUCK
    It was fake and HALFBAKED- just my bad luck

    I ran after the seller in the dawning SMOG
    He was a DARKHORSE and disappeared like a log

    The CREEP made me pay for nothing, money down the drain
    I with I had GUNMETAL to take him down in pain

    I thought tha I was TOASTED, everyone would agree
    I would HUSTLE but thought: Irina Pick Me Pick MEEEEEEE


    N is for Neutral
    A is for Awesome
    K is for Kick-Ass
    E is for Electric
    D is for Dream

    Please make my Neautral Awesome Kick-Ass Electric Dream come true 🙂

  83. My dream has come true Urban Decay is here in SA,I love the Naked Pallette 2,The case is firstly eye catching and will be great for Travelling as its sturdy.I love nude eye shadow shades so this Pallette will be perfect for me.I have been watching loads of you tube videos and reviews on this gorgeous Urban Decay Pallette,what I love mostly is that it comes with some sparkly and matte shades.Perfect for everyday use and going out at night.The names of the shades are written under each shade,and the texture of the eyeshadow goes on easily without creasing.Love also that the colors are pigmented and that the brush that comes with the Pallette works wonders for a smooth application each time.

  84. Eye makeup is designed to make your eyes stand out ,without it I’ll just be naked. I want to go from zero to naked in just 3 palates. I really love urban decay and always wanted the naked palletes. These products are designed not to change the way we look or to cover up our imperfections, but to enhance our natural beauty. I would love to win this to build up my passion for makeup and share this passion with every person that I meet.

  85. read so many great reviews on Urban Decay and so keen to try the products. The Naked Palette has all my fav colours that I love in eyeshadows so this would be a dream to win this…….love makeup especially lipsticks and eyeshadows but cannot afford to indulge and splurge on my very limited varsity student budget.

  86. So excited that Urban Decay is coming to SA. I absolutely love the palette colours especially the taupe colours and the colour range is great as one cannot always find a great eyeshadow in these particular shades. Would love to win and I will gift it to my daughter for her Birthday next month as she is a huge fan of Urban Decay and an eyeshadow addict (then she can also stop “stealing” my eyeshadows)

  87. YAY Urban Decay is South Africa 🙂

    Because I have always wanted to own a naked palette because I have heard nothing but praises and good reviews will all the Urban Decay products and when I heard Urban Decay are coming to SA I was nothing but excited and over the moon. I am massive fan of the brand they look so luxurious and all the shades extremely pigmented, I would love to get my hands on a the Original Naked palette in Bronzed-Hued Neutrals because those are shades that will work through every season of the year. Sadly for me I live in PE and the only way for me to get a palette is to travel to JNB or CT, so fingerscrossed really really really really really really hope you pick my name.

  88. I have been after these palettes for ever and I can’t afford them so would reaaallly reaaallly loooovvve to own one pleaaaase pick me

  89. I don’t wear make-up that often but when I do I like to make sure that it is good quality and this range would be perfect to add to my collection.

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