selife outfit

selfie outfitI love dressing up, but I love my “jeans and a t-shirt” style just as much. Its unrealistic to think that fashion bloggers dress glam all the time- we have day jobs or something else going on the whole day before we get to glam it up! I was running around town the whole day yesterday before an event, so I asked the lovely Emma-Jane to snap some shots of me before I changed into a cocktail dress and headed out to the event, because this is what I wear in my day-to-day life.

selfie outfit

selfie outfit

selfie outfit
I love this “Selfie” tee that I ordered off Superbalist! I ordered it on Monday morning and by Wednesday afternoon it was already with me! I didn’t expect such quick service, and I was a little bit confused when I saw there was a delivery for me that morning- in the past when I’ve ordered clothing online it took over 5 days to arrive, so this took me by surprise! Superbalist has a range of clothing for men and women, shoes, accessories and even some geeky and arty things on their website. Check it out here or click the banner on your right if you want a speedy order and delivery!




selfie outfit
Taking a selfie 😉

I have loved these jeans ever since I got them 4 years back. And the zips at the back of the jeans just make the jeans that much better. And yes they do unzip all the way up which comes in handy when I’m being lazy and don’t want to peel my skinny jeans off myself ha-ha  Adding strappy heels to the jeans instantly makes them look more stylish, and I finished the look of with my trusty black cherry bag. Also how cute is my phone cover- show me your kitties!

show me your kitties!


Thank you Emma for these beautiful pictures and have a lovely Friday everybody!

T-shirt- Superbalist

Jeans- Guess

Shoes- Forever New

Bag- Blackcherry

Phonecover- Typo

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