Double Denim is totally 90s. And I am so glad that it made a comeback. I was born in 1990, so I am a true 90s baby, and I always use to look at photos of my mom in that era and feel a little bit jealous. I love a lot of things about the fashion in those times, like tartan pieces and the grunge style. This year 90s fashion has definitely made a comeback, but we are after all in 2013, so when I do the double denim look, I prefer to keep the denim in different colours. Matching denim is a bit too much for me, but I applaud people who have the confidence to pull it off.
Another big hit this winter- studs. I got this shirt at Cotton On last year, and I love that I can wear it with anything. I have worn it as a cardigan type-shirt in the summer over a dress, and in winter I like wearing it with jeans or leggings. I have been searching for my perfect pair of black jeans forever and recently, I stumbled upon this pair at Factorie, a shop at Eastgate, and they are pretty good -especially because they were only R150 bucks. The shoes were my first purchase at the Style 36 website earlier this year and the bag was a gift from a friend.

It’s almost the weekend (yay), but for now I hope everyone has a fantabulous Thursday!
Denim Shirt – Cotton On
Black jeans- Factorie
Shoes- Zoom at Style 36

Bag – New Look

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