Hi guys! I hope everyone had a stunning weekend and a good Monday!:) I am back from my trip to Bela-Bela and thought I would share my outfit from one of the days!:) I have been itching to wear this flower crown for a while, and this was the perfect setting! The nature out there is so beautiful, I feel like you could wear anything and the nature behind you will make it look pretty. I got some much needed relaxation and now have some energy for the rest of the year:)
Dress – New Look
Flower Crown – Mr.Price
Shoes – Mr.Price
 Here are a few snaps of the animals. We rode in the game-viewer and could get very close to the animals, but some of them were just not up for photos. I wish I got a photo of the mongoose, but he ran away:(
I love giraffes , they are so majestic!
Hello there little guy!
 Have a lovely Tuesday everyone!:)

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