I am such a dreamer. I dream all the time, sometimes during the day and most nights before I sleep. I think to dream is a wonderful thing and in moderate amounts is good for everyone. And it is even better to try and make your dreams a reality. I have such big dreams for my blog and every day I work hard to make them come true. I have big dreams for my life after I finish my studies. Of course not everything always goes according to plan, but that is the beauty of life.

I love mixing different textures together such as lace and leather. Something as delicate as lace is very soft and feminine while leather is usually associated with something tough and rough (think biker chick). I thought it would be interesting to mix them up, and I added my favourite hat to the mix. The shoes are so cute and quirky with their little black angel wings at the back- I am no angel so I like that the wings are black 😉
I am day-dreaming in most of these pictures so excuse the poses

Leggings- Mango
Shoes- Mellissa
Hat –Cotton On
Necklace and rings- Sass Diva (Zuri)
Bag- Rozanne and Pushkin

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