Hello you beautiful people! It is Friday once again which means I am doing my happy dance woohoo! What have you got planned for this weekend? SA Fashion Week is in store for me and I can’t wait to see all of the beautiful designs that are going to be showcased! Today it is time for part 3 of the Makoya Style Challenge and I have really been loving putting of all these different looks together!

A lot of people think that heels can only work for a night-time or formal look. I disagree with that and think that heels should be worn all the time! Sometimes I wish I lived in New York and could run across the streets in my heels like Sarah Jessica Parker. For now though, I’ll stick to running the streets of Johannesburg. I am a big fan of the Sports Luxe look- it is so much fun to play around with different styles and looks. These jogger pants are one of my absolute favourites in my wardrobe- I wear them to varsity during the day, and throw on some heels and they look just as nice for a night time look!
The thing with studying is that sometimes I get veeeery bored. So a month ago during my late night maths studies, I “accidentally” ventured onto eBay. I have always loved statement tees, and now that winter is coming up I figured why not get a statement jumper? “More Issues Than Vogue” has been one of my favourite sayings for a while, and I know a lot of fashionistas love it. I ordered this jumper of eBay (for a steal of R230 with delivery) and two weeks later it was in my hands! It can work as a sporty look (as shown here) or paired with some nice jeans or even a pretty midi-skirt. The sky is the limit with it, as it is with these gorgeous heels!

Have a stunning weekend! 🙂
Jumper- eBay
Joggers- Nicci Boutiques
Shoes- Guess at Makoya Brands
Necklace- Nicci Boutiques
Sunglasses- Glamour (yes I am a cheapo sometimes and wear sunglasses that come free with a magazine. Don’t judge me ;))
Lipstick – MAC Candy Yum Yum

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