Hello guys! Due to my insanely busy schedule I am now blogging from varsity! The last few months of the year are always the busiest and I am trying to balance it all and take it all(haha:)) but of course failing miserably at it, hence the blogging from varsity! I am so happy that spring is in full swing and the skirts and open shoes are out and about! Even though I don’t work yet , I love a good pencil skirt like this one- it fits well and is the perfect work-length but the baby blue colour and the hearts make it a bit more fun and fashion-forward.
Speaking of varsity and dressing on a budget, I got both the top and the skirt from Mr.Price. I love the little touch of sexy that the lace part of the top brings and yet it’s all still covered by the skirt. The shoes have been my favourite since I got them in Russia last year, and to finish off the whole “work-feel” I addd the beige handbag that would be perfect for the office. Of course I use it for varsity but it’s taking a bit of a beating with all of the heavy textbooks being carried around in it!
And today’s nail colour from the Essie Spring collection is called “Truth Or Flare”. It’s a gorgeous pastel blue shade and matches the skirt, but it’s also perfect for every-day wear. I needed two coats for full coverage and with a base and top coat, the colour is still in-tact on my nails today(these pictures were taken on Monday). What do you think?
Have an awesome Thursday!
Shoes- Next
Bag- Guess
Nail Colour- Truth Or Flare by Essie

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