How oden do you take road trips? I often joke and say that I road trip everyday. Because I stay about 40km from my work, which means that on an average day I do about 100km or so (because there are also extra km for snack runs which happen at least twice a day ;)). Honestly I’ve gotten so used to the distance that I don’t mind it- I love my little car and I use my driving time to relax (unless there is traffic, then I’m angry), listen to my favorite songs and some podcasts. Driving is also my favorite form of transportation, so I am always excited for a short or a long trip, and I’m very excited to be going on a major South Africa road trip later this year with my family!

I recently went road tripping around Gauteng to find the perfect Jacaranda spots to take some pics with (every year I am obsessed with finding the perfect spot to capture this season at). Pretoria (about an hours drive from me) is always the best bet, and we found some gorgeous little streets to capture this in. This was a mini road trip but at the end of the year my family and I will be road tripping through the Garden Route, The Kruger and then the North Coast! We are doing it over the course of 2 weeks in order to see the whole of our beautiful country, and today along with this outfit, I’ve complied some tips for road trips (and surviving 2 weeks in the same place as your family ;))


1-Get comfy- find your perfect road-tripping car

First thing is first- if you are visiting South Africa and you don’t have your own car, you going to need to rent one. I recently did a little car hiring and road tripping in Cyprus (see my photo diary here) and now that my parents are coming to visit, we needed a big car to fit all of us in, and both times we used Go Car Rental to find the best and the cheapest option for us. It’s liked the and Cheap Flights of car hire- it will compare all of the available car hire companies and show you the best deal. It’s incredibly handy, and while in Cyprus our best option was Thrifty Car hire, for our SA road trip it turned out to be Avis. Keep the site bookmarked for anytime you need a car rental and it will give you the best value possible!

2-Play a kick- ass playlist

I don’t mean to brag, but I am an awesome DJ when it comes to road trips. I’ve got those Britney tunes that will keep you singing at the top of your lungs, the great road trip classic like “5000 miles” (because if you don’t listen to it on a road trip, are you even on a road trip?), and those car jams that will have the cars next to you at the toll gates crying with laughter when they spot your car jamming to them. Music is everything when it comes to a good road trip, so make sure you load up on some good tunes.

3-Pack the perfect road snacks

This is different for everyone, but my personal road trip snack is a bacon-and-egg roll! Stock up on those Lays (calories don’t count while you on a road trip, it’s a basic rule), some Lucozade and have of course, lots and lots of chocolate! A South African favorite is also biltong (called beef jerky everywhere else) and some koeksisters (fried doughnuts). Yum! With all that eating time will pass quickly and you would have arrived at your destination already.

4-Stop for frequent and delicious coffee breaks

One of my favorite things about a road trip is stopping for coffee at little quaint coffee shops all over the towns. One of my best travel memories is stopping off in a town called Graaff-Reinet on our way to Cape Town and experiencing the delicious coffee and scenery that it had to offer! I even suggest mapping out a spot in every town that you can stop off at every hour or so to explore and have a quick break at. Yes it might make your journey longer, but its all about the journey and not the destination, right?:)

5-Have a cute road trip outfit

Maybe that’s just me, but not only do I want to be comfy, but I also want to look cute to capture the scenery with sometimes! When we travelled to the Valley Of Desolation a couple of years back, I wasn’t prepared- I had some old (but comfy) shorts on and a running top, and the now-blogger in me could kill this past, comfy Rina! 😉 I mean I’m just kidding (but not really) but do pick an outfit that can be comfy and look cute. I love this easy and summery dress form Forever New which suited up perfectly for my mini rod trip occasion. On my longer trips (and flights) I usually go in a fab pair of joggers, a statement top and a nice pair of sneakers. Ready for anything!

6-Pick the best company!

My most unforgettable road trip was from Joburg to the North Coast, which we did on a convoy of 2 cars with all of our best friends. That’s when all of the factors come together perfect- the perfect car, the kick-ass playlist, the curated pad kos (SA slang for road trip food), stops at coffees shops and create one perfect road trip with your best mates. And the cute outfit of course, because you need someone from the gang that you’re travelling with to capture you in it.

Dress- Forever New

Shoes- Cotton On

Backpack- Typo


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