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It’s no secret that I love me some bargain shopping. I always say, I’ve never met a bargain I didn’t like. Look I’m not going to lie to you, sometimes I have bought crap just because I was blinded by the word “sale”, but most times I scored pretty good deals. I especially love it when someone goes “Oh that’s such a stunning coat/shoes/bag, where did you get it?” And I’m all like “I scored it on sale/second-hand/on Gumtree and guess how much I paid for it?*Insert a very little amount here*”.

So that being said, I am often browsing through sites like Gumtree and their clothing section to see if someone no longer loves their old sunnies and have put them up for sale, so that I can now snap them up for less.HOWEVER nothing ruins my day like people who don’t know how to post a proper advert. Blurry pictures, no details about the product and my best- no contact details. Just how exactly are you expecting to sell those handbags if I can’t contact you?

So today I decided to create a helpful little sellers guide, on how to post a nice fashion advert(or any advert for that matter) on Gumtree. You guys might know that sometimes I sell my new/barely worn clothing on my blog, and since there were a few items left over that I no longer love, I posted one of them on Gumtree along with this post.

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Rule 1 – Photos do matter.

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Make sure your photo is nice and clear so people can see exactly what you are selling.If you can’t tell from a photo if that’s a stiletto heel or a kitten heel, you are doing it wrong.Maybe I have overdone it just too much(I am a blogger, I can’t help it), but this girl who included 9 clear photos with her sunglasses ad, she is doing it right.

Rule 2-Categorize Your Advert

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You can simply put it under the fashion section, or if you want your ad to do better,put it into subcategory. Because I am selling shoes, I put it under that section. There is a guy who is selling Kruger Rands under fashion and he is just being silly, because if I am searching for shoes, I don’t want your Kruger Rands!


Rule 3- Always be honest!

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Look I know we all want to make a little moola here and there, but don’t try and sell your 10 year old Nikes and pass them off as “new”. My Nine West shoes have previously been worn a few items, so I said “gently loved”. You wouldn’t want someone to sell you off their old stuff, so be true and be honest(lecture for the day over ;).


Rule 4- Leave your contact details.Leave your contact details. Leave your contact details.

This is a no-brainer but Oh Lawd Have Mercy,because so many people expect me to magically know their numbers.

Pretty simple isn’t it? A good advert is quick and easy to post, and the better your advert the more chance you have of selling it! So go on and take a look through your cupboard and post up some items on Gumtree and make some extra cash for new shoes(maybe even my Nine West ones?;)


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