I’m so fancy..but you already know! If I had one favorite song of last year it wad definitely “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea. I demanded for it to be played at my birthday while I knocked down a pinada(blind folded of course) because its kind of like my spirit song.I also really just like I G G Y(you have to say it like in the song) so I am so looking forward to her shoe collectn with Steve Madden(which also happens to be one of my favorite shoe brands). Its a match made in fashion and hip hop heaven!

iggy azalea steve madden

The collection is true to Iggys personal style, that you can see from her red carpet and day-to-day style. She is loud, fun and yes a bit fancy all at the same time. As a true 90s kid, I am in love with this heavily 90s inspired collection which features block heels, neoprene sandals and metallic colors. If I was a teen growing up in that decade this is what I would of been wearing! The mesh inserts on the heels are also one of my favorites from the collection, and the sneakers that Iggy is wearing in the campaign images are to die for!


The collection is set to hit stores this month, and while I am not exactly sure of the price range yet, Steve Madden is known to make shoes that are affordable luxury. I still buy them often, and a pair from Steve Maddens doesn’t break the budget and lasts a really long time.Make sure to check out this collection when it hits stores in the next few weeks!





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