Hi guys! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Valentine’s Day is coming up this week and I am excited for it! I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about the day- some people love it while others find it too commercial. A lot of people say ‘Why do you need a special day to cherish your loved ones. You should do that every day”. Yes you should. BUT, let’s be honest, “life” takes over sometimes and in the midst of our work, studies and everything else, we forget to do something special for our loved one. Don’t we? I love Steve everyday but sometimes I forget to show it because I’ve had a hectic week at varsity or I had to clean up the house or something else came up and “life” got crazy. So why not take a special day to do something extra special for your loved one? And yes it is different if you are in a relationships, but the day is about love, not just being in a relationship. Take you mom/girlfriends/whoever you love out for dinner or just do something special for them. It can be something small as a kiss, a breakfast in bed or a chocolate. Or just make sure you tell them that you love them because it can all be taken away from you in a split of a second. My last Valentine ’s Day was very different, but more on that later this week.
Since I happen to like Valentine ’s Day I thought I would do a few Valentines inspired posts on the blog. I have an outfit post and a beauty review coming up this week and today I have made a little shopping guide of cute gifts under R115 if you are the type that likes getting and giving gifts on the day. Personally I do, but it’s usually something small. For me it is more about the gesture and the act of love then the present. So here is a little list of cute things for some shopping inspiration! Bonus- you can also shop all of these items online :)!
1.Revlon Super Glossy Lip-gloss from Red Square– R79.95
2.Pyjamas with a vintage cat from Mr.Price-R79.99
3.Three hook plaque from Mr.Price Home- R59.99
4.Compact Mirror from Spree– R47.
5.Mmmmm Melting Marshmallow Bath Melt from Lush– R47/100gr
6.”You’re My Sunshine” Rock Candy from Woolworths– R19.95
7.Valentine’s Day Mug with Biscuits from Woolworths– R69.95
8.Pink slippers from Woolworths– R69.95
9.Lace ring from Spree– R113
10.Gosh Nail Polish In Bubble-gum from Red Square-R59.95
And just in case that wasn’t enough “cheese”for you for one day, here is my favourite quote from one of my favourite romantic movies of all time – The Notebook.
How do you feel about Valentines Day?

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